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Truth or Fiction - Essay Example

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The paper explores the importance of folklore stories. It depicts the reflection of the society morale in the tales. The author emphasizes that stories pass experience and moral values and norms from generation to generation…
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Truth or Fiction
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Extract of sample "Truth or Fiction"

Download file to see previous pages 1) Patriotism and nationalism certainly spread through stories of Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, Valley Forge, the Emancipation Proclamation and other trying events common to the American psyche. Citizen’s perceive the country as great and founded by great men; and by extension, greatness is expected from all citizens. These historical sagas bring expectations of freedom and bravery to everyday life. In Mary’s answer, the emotional tie to stories is discussed. In O’Brien’s book, the chapter entitled “The Things They Carried” told stories about articles representing the soldiers’ homes and the “sanity” of their real world lives. The stories were emotional attachments to their own lives. O’Brien writes: “What they carried varied by mission” (O’Brien, 1990, p9) One common tale throughout the globe is how evil got loose on the world. The story of dismissal from Eden and Pandora’s Box explain how an abundance of curiosity leads to trouble. Adam and Eve were given paradise, with the exception of the fruit from one tree. Pandora, the Greek version of the first woman, had endless beauty and talent and was told to just not open one jar. Curiosity got the better of Pandora and Eve and they tested the limit set by the Gods. Of course, all evil was released. In Pandora’s case, she kept hope from escaping. The message in these stories is respect authority’s limits and do not be over-curious. Of course, morals, ethics and values are society specific. All three are interpreted within the context of societal norms. “The things they carried were largely determined by necessity” (O’Brien p.2) In a frontier country like the U.S., the Daniel Boone, Paul Bunyan and Davey Crocket tall tales spoke to bravery against impossible odds; whether they were...
Stories tell the moral and ethical history of society. They explain what is expected of citizens and how brave, honest or forthright historical, fabled people have been. The relevance of the stories is in the timeless lessons taught. The value in these stories is not the historical accuracy or the details in the telling; it is to continue traditions and traditional values that society has agreed to honor. These traditional values are the morals of society. morals, ethics and values are society specific. All three are interpreted within the context of societal norms. One common tale throughout the globe is how evil got loose on the world. The story of dismissal from Eden and Pandora’s Box explain how an abundance of curiosity leads to trouble. Stories, whether in the form of music, poetry, art or essay, express the mutual experience from an emotional level and put context in our lives. the irreplaceable losses in a technologically advanced society is folk tales. Movies do not show heroic reality, but realism is still valued. Movies do study time and technology as enemies. The current folklore in movies demonstrates how technology drives people further apart. Urgency seems to covet day to day activities with non-stop texting, emails and cell phones. Twenty-first century movies deal with the concept of time (urgency) versus truth and virtue. Even people in coma’s lead urgent lives (The Matrix).
Hollywood may be replacing hunting stories and survival with a call to inaction, warnings that technology is way ahead of human endurance. Modern tales will fall back to the Emperor and his clothes. Perhaps now the Emperor accomplishes nothing by texting all day, but everybody lauds his great multi-tasking skills. Folk tales will survive because they are needed. We need to carry them for comfort and direction.
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