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Writing - Essay Example

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There are different and diverse meanings of essays that are available today, however if the origin of the word “essay” is tracked out then it can be found back to 16th century when a French author Michel de Montaigne used to refer his write-ups as essays. …
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Essay writing
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Download file to see previous pages The French word “essayer” means to strive or to endeavor, hence essay in English means an attempt or a trial. The fact about the French author was that he actually meant his writings were an attempt to describe or jot down his thoughts and ideas, the concept grew from there. Essays are more liable to be called closer to reality unlike the fiction. Even though essays are not that dry text elucidating and focusing just on reality as an arid subject, instead essays are meant more than that. One purpose is although to make the reader aware about the reality or convey a factual message; but on the other hand second core purpose is to develop interest of the readers. However, there are multiple tools which essayists use in order to titivate and adorn the subject or the idea of an essay. Among those many tools, which formulate an essay interesting and effective for reading are metaphor, deep attractive and meaningful vocabulary, rhythmic style, hyperbole or exaggeration, specific tone that can be humorous or satire, allusion, personification, vivid and stunning explanations, exposition, active sentences with precise length, combination of ethos and pathos, keeping redundancy at minimum etc. Essays can focus different and varying themes, for example an essay can discuss routine life observation, reminiscence, author’s opinion, political motivation, disagreement, and criticism etc. 1. The Dominating Persuasive Elements In An Essay As the contrast of essays with details or just information is comprehensible and it’s deviation from being merely facts is understood by the truth that essay encompasses persuasive and involving features in it rather just conveying the message or raw information. Now in order to understand the dominating persuasive elements in an essay that makes it involving for the readers, there is need to understand the concepts of tone, personification, hyperbole, allusion, and others. The tone of an essay can be apathetic, sarcastic, humorous, satire, bitter, optimistic and others. The tone of an essay is defined when the author analyze the subject matter, audience, additives and the reality of the fact he/she needs to convey. Since there are different and various types of people who can be classified with respect to region age, common attributes, emotional background, taste etc. For example youth might feel better at optimistic or motivating tone of essay, whilst on the other hand political satire can be point towards mature youth or group of people having the same taste. Similarly there are essays that can be focused on societal imbalances or satire on institutional failure. A good example of a satire on institutional failure is ‘Shorthand Grad is Shortchanged’ by Mike Royko, the writer very wittily expressed his satire on the system of teaching and the reality of quality teaching in specific schools and their reforms. Allusion is a concept of indirect linking and referencing of any thought or idea in an essay. If allusion is not used in essays, then in actuality it can appear unpleasantly bared and moreover unjustified. Therefore, allusion is an effective technique of conveying though by indirect referencing. For example Mike Royko in ‘Shorthand Grad is Shortchanged’ presented a lawyer David Schultz to present his case with a smart satire. Hyperbole is another fascinating persuasive element in an essay that actually takes help through exaggeration and focuses to instigate the feelings and emotions of the readers. These are used to create strong effects and enduring feeling on readers approach. Although hyperbole is a main element of poetry ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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