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Sleeping Beauty - Essay Example

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Sleeping Beauty Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a king and queen with a very lovely daughter. The princess cheers up the heart of everyone in the palace because she gleams with a bright smile on her face. She even smiles when she’s asleep!…
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Sleeping Beauty
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Download file to see previous pages She lived her life serving the king and queen since she was six years old. As a little girl, Zonya wanted to be just like other girls who could play in the streets with their siblings. But fate was too unkind for her because she had to replace her mother in the palace. Her father died of an unknown disease. He was a baker and could aptly support his children while his wife worked in the palace. However, when the disease struck him, he didn’t have any money to go to a doctor so he stayed at home under Zonya’s care until he died in his bed. Zonya brought the news to her mother, and in no time found herself serving the palace to replace her mother. Zonya did her best to please the king and queen until one day, she was bestowed some powers by the couple. The king, in particular, favored her for being a good servant so he gave her irrevocable powers to wish for anything except for herself. With this, Zonya uttered wishes for others and made the palace people happy. She was well favored. She wanted to wish for her freedom but she was not allowed to do so. She was actually the one who wished that the baby would often smile and look lovely. In return, the baby princess often smiled at her, and Zonya always cuddled and kissed the princess as if it was her own child. One day, just as Zonya was putting the baby princess to sleep, the queen saw her kissing the princess. The queen felt very jealous and stopped her at once, got her child from Zonya, and called the guards to arrest Zonya. The king was alarmed and came up to see what happened. The queen, who was still feeling very jealous, cried to the king and summoned him to banish Zonya for trying to take away her baby from her. The queen added, “If you don’t banish her now, she will wish for our baby to treat her as a mother.” The king, feeling sorry for her wife, said, “Put the servant into the dungeon!” The guards obeyed the king immediately. The envy of the queen escalated because as days passed, she could feel that the baby looked and longed for Zonya. She cried endlessly while she was in her mother’s arms, and she would not stop crying even though they got the best babysitter in the kingdom. She would only stop when she’s put on her mattress, which Zonya sewed for her. She could feel its warmth so she smiled while she was sleeping. Seeing this, the queen got more and more jealous so she got rid of Zonya’s mattresses and tried to sew some for the princess. It was then when she first made a mattress for her baby that the queen understood how Zonya loved the princess because it was difficult to sew mattresses for the princess to sleep on. The day of the baptism came and Zonya was still in the dungeon. She was suffering at this time because she had not eaten enough food to sustain her. She was not given enough food to make repent for what she did. By now, Zonya was crying due to stomach cramps and the pain just wouldn’t go away. She could not use her power to wish for herself so she suffered remorse pain. While she was suffering, Zonya heard the queen expressed her wishes for her child, saying, “I wish that from now on, you could feel the comfort in my arms and sleep on the mattresses I made for you.” Upon hearing this, Zonya realized that the queen learned to sew and took her daughter in her arms. She was happy to hear this but the pain she suffered was enough to make her utter, “Prick your finger but once and suffer the same pain I’m feeling now.” Hearing herself making this wish, Zonya was astound. She ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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