Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Necklace - Essay Example

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If you look at the two pieces critically you will find that they have different story lines but the same themes and stylistic devices run through both of them. So we could put forward a hypothesis that both the secret life of Mr. Mitty and the short story Thurber, and the Necklace (de Mauppassant) both use the same literary elements…
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Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Necklace
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"Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Necklace"

"Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "The Necklace"

The aim of using the first person narrative style is to put the reader in the shoes of the character which helps us understand the views of the narrator much easier by being literary in their shoes. Their perspective may seam unfounded and sometimes illogical but going through their emotions through their first person narrations helps us to understand them better and to even sympathize with them a bit. This is in spite of some of their actions bordering on the ridiculous. When it comes to the content in the two stories, we can safely say that the two stories have dissimilar content as can be gleaned from the way the author goes about developing the two different stories. In the secret life of Walter Mitty, the author takes us through Mr. Mitty’s imaginary scenarios which entail developing several very different and unrelated scenarios in pursuit of developing a story about a man who wishes he had engaged in at least a profession or other activity that would have brought him some adventure. In the Necklace the author sticks to one setting or alters it slightly throughout the story in his quest to develop the tragic events that unfold to present the story in its totality.

In both stories, the characters have got to a point in time where they have accepted they will never accomplish their earlier hopes and dreams. Mr. Mitty has as a result got to visualizing dramatic situations with himself as the main character in which the prevailing theme is that he gets a lot of recognition and respect from peers and others. We at the same time get to peer into his real life and find that the opposite is true in his real life where he has very little respect from those he associates with. In his dramatic daydreams, he is in absolute control of adverse situations but in his real life he is dictated to by his wife and even a parking attendant not to mention the mechanics at his garage. Madame Loisel in The Necklace (guy de Mauppassant), is living a life she would rather not be in. she is beautiful enough to have gotten married to a successful man who would have made her rich and she could enjoy the finer things in life. Unfortunately that was not the case as she got married to a man who works hard but his station in life does not allow her to attain her lofty ambitions about her life. She now accepts the drudgery of her life but is secretly bitter and yearns for an escape from her dreary life even if momentarily. This sets the stage up for the tragedy that befalls her and turns her life from bad to worse. The two settings of the stories are very different as one (the secret life of Mr. Mitty) is set in a tranquil run of the mill American town setting with the character an old man daydreaming about a life he would have wanted to live but is now too late for him to attain; while in the Necklace (de Mauppassant) Madam Loisel and her husband are a young couple struggling through life in Paris without the trappings and comforts of success. The two settings also serve as a way to develop the two stories and their themes effectively. The pace or the rate of delivery of the two stories also differ and contribute greatly in the way we get to perceive of the stories. In the secret life of Walter Mitty, we alternate between high octane tense situations and very slow paced mundane scenarios as the main character dips between his daydreams and his real life. In his day dreams, he is Read More
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