Indian populations of Argentina and Chile pre-colonial period and their changing reality during the colonial period - Essay Example

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This is a study dedicated in comparing and contrasting these two tribes. There will be a bias on the time period and the aforementioned periods…
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Indian populations of Argentina and Chile pre-colonial period and their changing reality during the colonial period
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Download file to see previous pages Indians belonging to the Guarani tribe originally inhabited most of the regions in South America such as Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina. They used to be semi-nomadic, well known for their fierce and warriors like culture and traditions. Actually, the name ‘Guarani’ stands for warrior. Some Argentines trace their ancestry to the Guarani tribe, and they have brown eyes and dark hair. They have light skin, portraying a combination of European and Guarani heritage 1(Aladama, 2003 p 328).
Before the conquest by Spain, the Guarani had been scattered widely throughout southern American countries including Argentina. Thus, this Indian community had occupied Argentina even before colonization. They carried out numerous economic activities, which determined their culture. Long before, the Spaniards arrived in Argentina, Guarani used to be hunters and gatherers. They survived by hunting animals for food, as well as gathering fruits in forests. Men used to do the hunting, while women did gathering 2(Schild, 2000 p275).
On the other hand, Mapuches occupied most of Chile and just a few Mapuches inhabited Argentina. Indians of the Mapuche tribe became the first inhabitants of Argentina and Chile, with them occupying a vast territory before the arrival of the Spanish. Before the arrival of the Spanish, the Mapuche occupied most of the parts in South America, and their population was two million. Currently, they occur in large numbers of about one and a half million in Chile and two hundred thousand in Argentina. Therefore, they have occupied most parts in Chile as compared to Argentina. Indian Mapuche constituted the third largest community in South America before colonization and after colonization of Chile by Spain 3(Geschiere&Nyamnjoh, 2001 p 170).
Before colonization, and the coming of Incas and Spanish, the Mapuche occupied forests in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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