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Bronson Howard - Essay Example

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Bronson Howard, the first American playwright ever to earn living by writing plays, has made a significant contribution into American art and entertainment. Exploring distinctively American themes and developing characters typical for the American society at the turn of the 20th century, …
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Bronson Howard
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Extract of sample "Bronson Howard"

Summary Bronson Howard, the first American playwright ever to earn living by writing plays, has made a significant contribution into American art and entertainment. Exploring distinctively American themes and developing characters typical for the American society at the turn of the 20th century, Howard started a new trend in American drama. In particular, his most significant achievement is introducing the character of an American businessman in the world of American drama and exploring the business theme in theater. His approach was innovative for that time. The analysis of themes and characters of Howard’s plays “The Banker’s Daughter”, “Young Mrs. Winthrop”, and “Henrietta” reveals Howard’s focus on the issues of the American society, in particular within its emerging business segment. The themes of arranged marriage for business purposes, business bankruptcy, destruction of family values as a result of business-centered worldview, and role of business in the American society have been introduced to American theater in these three plays. In addition, Howard managed to create a character of a businessman with focus on his human nature, which is especially evident in the characters of Old Nick in “Henrietta” and Lawrence Westbrook “The Banker’s Daughter”. Importantly, the topics explored by Howard are still appealing to the modern reader. While reading Howard’s plays, one can trace how the present world view that prevails in the American society was emerging. It also provides an intersection of American business class values and life philosophy and warns against excessive focus on money and profits. All in all, Howard’s contribution has been analyzed against the background of his biography. Read More
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Bronson Howard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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