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The Tabernacle by David Levy - Book Report/Review Example

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[Instructor Name] Book Review: The Tabernacle by David Levy The Tabernacle is a very important subject in Christianity but in the recent past, very few literary works have been devoted to this subject. Most of the literary works are either too mythical or too exaggerated…
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The Tabernacle by David Levy
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Extract of sample "The Tabernacle by David Levy"

Download file to see previous pages Understanding the structure and purpose of the Tabernacle is highly important to understand God’s redemptive program. The book provides in comprehensive detail the understanding of the Tabernacle, and God’s redemptive program which includes a sinful man, holy God, and the price required for bringing both of them together. This book by David Levy is different from other books that have been written on the subject because David Levy has kept the theme of the book as realistic as possible. The book is not exaggerated at all and it provides the information that is necessary to understand the overall purpose of the Tabernacle and how it provided the people to seek forgiveness for their sins. Each chapter of the book includes a comprehensive explanation of a part of the Tabernacle and its purpose in that place. Along with the explanation, David Levy also provides a practical example of how that object is put to use. The following review of the book highlights the main information provided in the book along with evaluating the logical structure and concreteness of the book. The book is divided into three parts: The Tabernacle, The Sacrificial System and The Priesthood. The following review will be divided in accordance with these three parts. The Tabernacle In the first part of the book, the author describes the origin of the Tabernacle by referring to the dialogue between God and Moses. God instructed Moses to build the Tabernacle so that God could dwell among the Israelites. The main purpose of the Tabernacle was to make God accessible to the Israelites. Through the Tabernacle, the Israelites made atonements for their sins by making sacrificial offerings and the priests that performed services in the Tabernacle guided the Israelites regarding the sacrifices and other teachings. The Tabernacle was designed in such a manner that it allowed the sinful people to come before a holy God in worship and offer sacrifice for their sins. David Levy provides an extensive description of the design and pattern of the Tabernacle in the book. The placement of each object in the Tabernacle was done in such a manner that it facilitated the proper conduct of the sacrificial offerings. The author provides a complete description of the manner of the placement of the objects in order to help the reader visualize the interior of the Tabernacle. The pictures provided in the book give the reader a very clear idea regarding the Tabernacle. Even though the author has provided the specific details of the overall design of the Tabernacle and the objects that were present inside it, the pictures bring concreteness to his words and help the reader acquire a better idea about the Tabernacle from the book. The first object in the Tabernacle that has been explained by the author is the brazen altar. The Tabernacle contained a brazen altar which held high significance because it was provided for sacrifices. In God’s redemptive program, sacrifice holds a very special position and in order to facilitate sacrifices, the Tabernacle had the brazen altar. Through sacrifices, the Israelites atoned for their sins and they made peace with God. The sacrificial offerings were a way to keep the Israelites and God near to each other. There were a number of sacrifices that were made by Israelites and the brazen altar was used in all such sacrifices. Following is an excerpt from the book: “Soberly, the Israelites brought the prescribed offerings without spot or blemish to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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