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Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - Research Paper Example

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Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is a literary work that comes under the genre of young adult literature. The work as a whole is quite inspiring as it makes the reader to see the world through the eyes of a fourteen year old girl who has died at the start of the novel. …
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Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
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Extract of sample "Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold"

Download file to see previous pages The girl, Susie is the narrator as well as protagonist of the work. Lovely Bones circulates around the character of the young girl, her family and her friends who try to expose the reality of her death. In fact, Susie did not die because of some natural death but she was killed by the antagonist of the work named as Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey raped the young girl after which, he killed her. The girl was unable to gain maturity in life as she was not allowed to lead her normal life. It is through the eyes of the young girl that we see the life of her family for eight years that they lead after her death. In this paper, the book Lovely Bones will be thoroughly discussed with youth adult perspective.
The main character of the book is Susie who is the narrator of the story or we can say the soul of Susie as Susie is shown dead at the very start of the novel. Another major character is George Harvey, who can be said the villain of the story as he is a serial murderer and is responsible for raping and murdering Susie. Jack Salmon, father of Susie is another major character of the work as he is shattered too much at the sudden death of his daughter and he feels it his carelessness that he was unable to protect his daughter. Abigail Salmon, mother of Susie is also one of the main characters and after the death of her daughter, she is unable to cope up with her life and the situations she faces. Sister of Susie, Lindsey Salmon is another major character and she is also depressed at the death of her sister but her grief is silent and deep while Buckley Salmon, the brother of Susie after her death talks of her and sees her and can also be regarded as one of the main characters. Susie’s family members form a major part of the story as Susie is highly concerned about their life and passing days. She narrates everything happening with her family through her own perspective and lets the readers see their life as well that is badly affected because of the death of their daughter. Ray Singh who is very close to Susie is a major character as he could be the would be soul mate of Susie but Susie’s death has separated them from one another. Ruth Connors is also one of the important characters of the work as she is the young lady through which, Susie sees life on earth and it is Ruth Connors whose help was required when Susie entered her body to make love to Ray Singh. All other characters except the described ones that appeared in the novel were also important but their part was somewhat restricted while the described characters revolved around the storyline and were mainly involved in the narration of Susie, the protagonist. The book is told with the point of the view of Susie Salmon who was journeying from youth to adulthood but her journey was hindered by George Harvey who not only raped her but also murdered her cruelly. Susie not only shows interest in exposing George Harvey but also wants to save other women and girls that can become a victim of the gruesome murderer. We can see all the characters and their doings with the eyes of Susie as she is the narrator and informer. The readers are seeing the story through the eyes of a fourteen year old girl who is not willing to let go earth as she wanted to live more and gain maturity like others but he right was snatched from her. While narrating the incidents, the condition and suffering of the family, exposition of the murder, seeing the world through Ruth’s eyes, Susie informs that she was not in charge of anything. She just reveals what she sees. While informing about her bondage with Ruth, she says, “I loved Ruth on those mornings . . . we were born to keep each other company. Odd girls who had found each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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