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Anthology of literature of Self Discovery: Racial Attitudes - Term Paper Example

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Major artists in poetry, short stories and songs have handled racial attitudes. This anthology will explore six pieces on racial attitudes that have been reflected in American literature since the 18th century. Three poems, two short stories and one song are covered in this collection. …
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Anthology of literature of Self Discovery: Racial Attitudes
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Download file to see previous pages The three poems that this collection will constitute include, Still I Rise by Maya Angelou , Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane by Etheridge Knight and Poem for the Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, an Intelligent, Well-Read Person Could Believe in the War Between Races by Lorna Dee Cervantes. The Short Stories that this anthology features are After You, My Dear Alphonse by Shirley Jackson, The Test by Angelica Gibbs and The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara. Those who are considered to be from the other races relate all these pieces as they reflect on racial discrimination attitudes in the US. The authors and artists who have been chosen are some of the most famous modern American writers.
The theme of racial discrimination was chosen because it fits in the context of self-discovery in the American perspective. The issues of race were fought vigorously by activists in the American society from the in the years before 1970’s. Writers and authors were some of the people on the forefront of breaking the racial divide amongst the black and the whites. Over time, racial discrimination in public has been wiped. However, there is still an existing crop of individuals who hold racial prejudices in the United States. This has become more dangerous than the Jim Crow era where many people died. Racial discrimination against American Asians, Latino Americans and black Americans is still very common. This anthology tries to bring back the history of the fight against racial attitudes in the United States. The purpose of choosing these pieces is because they carry a strong message that will remind Americans on the attitudes and dangers of racial attitudes in the nation’s history. The Lesson is a story told from the perspective of the protagonist, narration. Sylvia is a young African American girl, strong resolve, bright, and the understandable leader of a group of friends. Sylvia is college educated when she comes back to his economically deprived district on weekends and takes the local kids on field expeditions of a sort. On the particular trip, she lets the kids experience their first journey in a cab to a toy store in Manhattan. The story is a lesson to Sylvia who is smart and tries to show the kids the power of money. The attitude by the black society of self discovery through education is shown by Sylvia. The power of Money is the great divide between the have and the Have not’s as portrayed by Bambara. Main Body Still I Rise by Maya Angelou is a poem with themes of racism and discrimination experienced by women and her ancestors through the course of slavery and racial discrimination. Angelou paints a picture of a woman who is different from other slaves as she stands tall and she will not let anyone or anything or anyone put her down. She is who she is and will not let anyone pull her down. In this poem, the attitudes that come out clearly are the attitudes against racial injustices. Angelou portrays that even in racial discrimination, racial attitudes can be overcome by positive attitudes. These positive attitudes that Angelou encourages are geared towards self discovery of those who are oppressed. Knight’s conception of Hard Rock as a Black legendary hero is triumphant. Hard Rock has represents the Black man within and beyond prison walls who has ultimately been broken by the overriding forces in a cruel society. To the poet, Hard Rock had been the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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