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The Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Uses - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Uses' presents the National Institute on Drug Abuse which notes that marijuana is a common illicit drug that is used in the United States. Consequently, the federal government considers it a Schedule the author substances…
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Extract of sample "The Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Uses"

Download file to see previous pages In this controversy analysis, the question of whether marijuana will be legalized in Arizona will resonate. Assuming marijuana was to be legalized as a recreational drug, why should it? Why shouldn’t it? “According to a poll conducted by the Behavior Research Center in 2010, a staggering 51 percent of Arizonans said, “Yes” to the legalization of the pot while only 49 percent were opposed to this thus approving Proposition 203” (Gerber, 96).
During the same month, an independent poll conducted by CNN and Opinion Research Poll discovered that 55 percent of those surveyed supported the legalization of marijuana in the state while the other 45 percent was against this (Moriah, n.p.). This proposition, therefore, allowed the use of a specified amount of marijuana on state residents with certain medical conditions as part of their treatment. “The Arizona department of health was then tasked with the regulation of sales and the use of marijuana solely for medicinal purposes” (Donovan, et al., 107). After Proposition 203 had been approved, specific rules were put in place explaining who was allowed to grow, distribute, and or to use marijuana for the said medicinal purposes. The state’s governor Jan Brewer then filed a lawsuit that was later dropped that sought to determine the legality of the marijuana (National Institute on Drug Abuse, n.p.).
The discussion only gets as interesting as it is controversial. Thus, when Scott Cecil, a student at Messa Community College, and a board member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, faced felony charges for possessing marijuana for his own personal use, he began to think that the war on drugs was targeting the wrong crowd. According to him, “the incident made me realize that every year; hundreds of thousands of people were arrested in connection to marijuana as well as other drugs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Marijuana should be legalized The US government is spending a lot of money to suppress the abuse of Marijuana in the country. This is having a major effect on the economy as money that could have been used to spearhead the growth of the economy through establishing different projects is being used to equip the police force with the necessary technology to curb the abuse of the drug. Furthermore, statistics indicate that the number of inmates in the collection centers who have been charged with selling and abuse of the drug has increased tremendously. This is putting the government under intense pressure to support these centers which are using billions of taxpayers’ money (Rosenthal, Steve and Newhart 13). As a result, the government...
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