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Criminal Justice - Trayvon Martin Poll Finds Stark Racial Divide - Case Study Example

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This paper "Criminal Justice - Trayvon Martin Poll Finds Stark Racial Divide" focuses on the fact that the killing of a youngster, Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman has raised controversy in the whole America, with the black claiming they are a victim of circumstances…
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Criminal Justice - Trayvon Martin Poll Finds Stark Racial Divide
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Extract of sample "Criminal Justice - Trayvon Martin Poll Finds Stark Racial Divide"

Download file to see previous pages In the recent polls, not less than 55 per cent of all Americans are in the view that minorities, as well as blacks, receive unequal treatment in the criminal justice system. In as much as whites remain undecided on the issue, it is vivid that the whites are of the same view that blacks do not get fair treatment.
This is from the statistics that half of white Americans believe in the fact that African Americans do not get fair treatment. Gorge Zimmerman who was not jailed for the murder bases all the above arguments on the fatal shooting of Trayvon (Thompson & Cohen, 2012). The criminal justice system of America, therefore, causes grapple among people causing the looming racial divide experienced in the region. In the count of ten blacks, eight out of the total, claim Trayvon murder unjustified, in addition, not dealt with appropriately. This is statistics, which is compared, with the 38 per cent support from the white people population reveal that each race purports its own.
From the data collection on the common, stand your ground law, it is clear that not all is well. This is because as the blacks oppose the law, which discriminates against them, the whites continue to encourage it. This shows the enmity and hatred developing between the two races a factor, which if not solved can cause diverse effects on the general outlook of the American criminal system. In as much as current events try to shape the criminal justice system as proposed by Dennis Parker, more emphasis is still needed in order to create reforms in the sector which gets worsened by racial discrimination (Thompson & Cohen, 2012). According to Parker, publication of racial discrimination occurrences, instigate the widening gap. He, therefore, proposed limited use of the media in covering such cases a factor that can help in revitalizing the whole justice system.
In my view, blaming the media is like an escape goat to the non-human activity where a teen gets killed, and no conclusive investigation can be done to punish the people responsible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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