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Zimmerman’s verdict – Find a Frame Case description The burning topic that is being followed widely around the world is the trial of George Zimmerman. He, the Florida man was charged with second degree murdering of Trayvon Martin a 17 year old boy by gun-shot on April 11, 2012…
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Find a Frame
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Download file to see previous pages In the last few days, people from around the country gathered in SANFORD city like migrant birds to witness the verdict. Although, the majority believed Zimmerman was guilty and were expecting a justice through his prosecution, they were also aware of the lack of evidences in the case that could be sufficient to prove that Zimmerman was guilty. So, after the verdict was announced, the protesters outside the courtyard were stunned in silence but were not surprised. Since then, several protest march and rallies are being held all around the country including the New York City. Known figures from different backgrounds in the country are coming up with their reactions including the president of United States, Barack Obama. The president of NAACP, Benjamin Todd Jealous have started a petition appealing for Federal charges. The five week trial of Zimmerman was held in Florida, the same city where Trayvon was killed. More than 50 witnesses were testified during the trial and every moment of the final day was nationally televised and reported by media. Under Florida law, jurors were asked to decide whether Zimmerman had justified reasons to use the deadly force in a circumstance that could bring him death or other heavy bodily harm. With the lack of proper evidences and poor deliveries of the witnesses, Zimmerman was acquitted from the charge based on the ground of self defense in extreme situation. Over the three weeks of testimony jurors received several conflicting evidences that caused the case drawing everyone’s concern towards it. On the rainy night of February 2012, Zimmerman spotted Martin approaching toward his townhouse when Zimmerman did not recognize him and started following him despite his neighboring officers’ advice to stay in his vehicle and that they were coming. There was a physical clash between the two and the fight ended with Zimmerman shooting a bullet through Martin’s heart who was visiting the place of his father’s fiancee coming from Florida (Ford, 2013; Alcindor, 2013; Schneider, 2013). About the Media outlets In measuring the perceptions of media bias in the final series of poll, Associate press is perceived as being tilted to the left while reporting the news. Sonoma State University in their new study reveals that a widespread bias is observed in their news reports, which reflects favor towards the US government positions. The associated press is a cooperative news wire service, which is non profit in nature. The AP has worldwide 242 bureaus with its 3700 employees. It delivers reports 24 hours a day in 5 languages including English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish and in 121 countries. AP reaches over a billion people everyday via print, radio or television. AP is an institutionalized bureaucracy, which is massive and shares news stories to almost every radio/TV station and newspapers in the United States. Because of their huge size the down to top control of a single news story is impossible practically. However several researches clearly imply a built-in bias of the Associate Press for the US government officials. These biases are absorbed by American people and they make their political decisions standing on the skewed understanding of politics. The democracy might face a dismal future if the media systems do not provide critical, fair and accurate reporting (Phillips, 2006). The Democrat perceptions regarding the CNN news outlet is high while the Republican perception about them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Find a Frame Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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