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Newtons Law of Cooling - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay explored the issue of Newton’s law of cooling and this was achieved through the use of an experiment. This is experiment was carried out on water by heating the fluid. The results of the experiment showed us that hot water losses energy through temperature loss quickly in enclosed containers. …
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Newtons Law of Cooling
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Extract of sample "Newtons Law of Cooling"

Download file to see previous pages The experiment was a success since it affirmed the law that was under investigation. In the process of undertaking the experiment on the changes of temperature, we made use of an infra-red thermometer. This apparatus was used in measuring the temperature of the room and changes in temperature of the fluid (water) and temperature of the atmosphere. Other apparatus included two containers for storing boiling water. These containers were important in storing water while changes in temperature were being monitored. A heating cooker was also used in heating the water while a metal tin container was used for storing water while it was being heated.
The main purpose of undertaking this experiment was to find out the changes in temperature of fluids under the influence of atmospheric pressure and room temperature. We are testing and making an experiment based on Newton’s cooling law (Babbie 99). This law is used in examining temperature change of objects placed in different environments and we want to investigate this law (Kothari 45). The procedure involved a number of steps that included heating water and placing the fluid into different containers. The major steps that were followed in conducting the experiment are explained below:
5) The two different containers used in this experiment were different in that one had a lid and the other one did not. In this case, we made use of containers A and B. Container A did not have a lid. While container B had a lid and therefore the temperatures inside the two containers would be different.
6) The next procedure involved measuring the change in temperature of the two fluids by use of a thermometer. This was done over a period of time and change in time was noted. The time measurement for this experiment was 30 minutes and the measuring temperature changes were challenging to us.
In the process of undertaking the experiment, we encountered problems such as measuring the temperature of the water at high temperatures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Newtons Law of Cooling Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Newtons Law of Cooling Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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