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In solids, it occurs through transfer of vibrational energy from one high energy molecule to another, while in fluids it occurs additionally due to transfer of kinetic energy. In metals, it occurs through free electron movement. The rate of…
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Heat Heat Conduction Heat is transferred through medium. In solids, it occurs through transfer of vibrational energy from one high energy molecule to another, while in fluids it occurs additionally due to transfer of kinetic energy. In metals, it occurs through free electron movement. The rate of heat transfer is given by: Q = kA[-(dT/dx)] (Supuk, 2014).
Heat Convection
It occurs by mixing of fluid elements whereby energy is transferred through fluid motion that is random. Newton’s law of cooling is given by Qconv = hAs(Ts − T͚). (Supuk, 2014).
Heat Radiation
It is the transfer of heat through electromagnetic waves. Material releases thermal energy in which is absorbed by another material. Radiation emitted by surfaces is given by Qemit = εσAsTs4 (Supuk, 2014).
2. Heat Exchangers
Co – and Counter Current Heat Exchanger
It’s made up of concentric tubes. In co – current type, fluid flow occurs in one similar direction while in counter current type, it occurs in opposite directions. Their primary consideration is fluid flow direction (Supuk, 2014).
Figure 1, (Supuk, 2014).
Co – current Counter current
Double Pipe
It is made up of concentric pipes. One pipe is placed concentrically inside the diameter of the wider pipe. The primary consideration in its selection is that it’s easy to make (Supuk, 2014).
Figure 2, (Supuk, 2014).
It is made up from metal sheets wound in a circular manner. The primary consideration in their selection is their simplicity in fabrication (Supuk, 2014).
Figure 3, (Supuk, 2014).
They have fins on one heat exchange surface. Their primary consideration in their selection is the fins that allow increase in surface area to increase heat exchange (Supuk, 2014).
Figure 4, (Supuk, 2014).
Supuk, E., 2014. Heat Transfer I and Heat Transfer II. University of Huddersfield. Read More
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