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Detective Story - Research Paper Example

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The Robbery- Search for the perpetrators Geneva is one of the most prosperous small towns in Europe. It is located in a district that is agriculturally rich, making its growth and its social progress phenomenal compared to other cities. On its periphery, there are nicely cultivated beautiful ridges with good looking farm houses, giving an appearance of extreme beauty, which is hardly witnessed in other cities…
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Detective Story Paper
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Download file to see previous pages A group of workmen walking on their way home could be observed from a distance. At Geneva, the banking hours changes with demand, and so in most cases, the bankers work overtime to ensure that all customers are served to their satisfaction (Williamson, 1951). In one fateful day, business was going on as usual in one of the small banks as the merchants brought their day cash sales for deposit. It was approaching 7 o’clock and the last depositor had just departed, and the main door closed. The cashiers were busy engaged in balancing their books for the day. When the cashiers finished balancing their books and started packing the daily collection in bags for safe keeping, a knock was heard at the main exit door. Suddenly, three stocky men entered the banking hall while two of them proceeded to the cash section. The third one was left to behind to keep vigil at the main door. Once inside the cash section, one of them held the lady cashier by her neck while placing her other hand on her mouth. Immediately, the young lady gave a piercing scream, trying to free. For the next few minutes, they got engaged in a wrestle, and at that moment, the young lady inflicted mouth bites on the arms of the attacker. On realizing that the time was moving too fast and it was becoming risky due to the screams, the attacker pointed the gun on her head and released the bullet. The room burst into a loud sound sending every person on the floor. The other attacker had managed to take control and had already accessed the safe - he was already packing the cash in a bag. No single minute was lost and as soon as they had packed all the daily collection and other valuables, they hurriedly left to a car packed adjacent to the main door. The front light facing the bank’s main entrance was not lit and it was hard to clearly observe what was happening. More so, the streets were full of activities with men and women buying wares while others were hurriedly walking to their homes from work. As soon as the two jumped with their bags into the vehicle, the one left manning the main door also hurriedly joined them, and the vehicle speed off. It took the other bankers long before they realized that the gang had already left. It was already at night and so there was no movement into the bank. After waking up, all the staffs were in big shock to find that all their daily collection and other valuables had been taken away. They were not sure of the next action. The bank’s president asked everybody to remain calm as they waited for the police to arrive. With great disbelief, one of the staffs noticed a flow of blood from the point where the young lady operated. On entering the cash point, the lady lay dead on the floor, and nothing much could have been done apart from waiting for the police to arrive. Time had moved so fast, and it was now at 2 am when the police and the detective arrived. Most of the staffs had been released to go home, apart from the senior bank officers who were asked to be left behind as the police officers collected the evidence. As the police officers were dusting the area for the assailants’ finger prints and looking around for DNA samples, the detective was taking temperatures and doing some calculations. Isaac Newton law of the cooling was to be applied in determining the “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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