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Corruption in Law Enforcement Agencies - Term Paper Example

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This essay will consider the conflicting arguments to identify a guideline of best practice that has strong ethical grounds and value situated in the role of the law enforcement. The writer recommends that the only solution to these kinds of problems is to develop a policy towards officers…
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Corruption in Law Enforcement Agencies
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Download file to see previous pages Most police agencies nowadays openly forbid gratuities in their code of ethics. The International Association of Chiefs of Police, the peak body, has wholly disallowed gratuities in its code of ethics. To a certain extent, the Code asserts that “I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favour, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities” (Coleman, 2004, 64). The primary basis for this stance is that gratuities endanger the objectivity of police activities. This is detailed in Article 9 of the Canon of Ethics for Police Officers, which declares that (Coleman, 2004):
The law enforcement officer, representing government, bears the heavy responsibility of maintaining, in his own conduct, the honour and integrity of all governmental institutions. He shall, therefore, guard against placing himself in a position which any person can reasonably assume that special consideration is being given. Thus, he should be firm in refusing gifts, favours, or gratuities, large or small, which can, in the public mind, be interpreted as capable of influencing his judgment in the discharge of his duties (p. 64).
Different theories and opinions have been made about the acceptability and unacceptability of police approval of briberies/tokens. This essay will consider the conflicting arguments to identify a guideline of best practice that has strong ethical grounds and value situated in the role of the law enforcement.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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