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Designing And Managing Leasing Schemes In Developing Countries - Case Study Example

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Investing in real estate has shown consistent growth in value over the years and has remained stable, even in times of crisis. The paper "Designing And Managing Leasing Schemes In Developing Countries" discusses features of the leasing/letting competency and landlord/tenant rent reviews competency…
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Designing And Managing Leasing Schemes In Developing Countries
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Download file to see previous pages Investment in property is not a single option in itself, but it provides a lot of options for a client to choose the right kind of investment. There are many types of investments; residential properties, commercial properties, buying to let properties, land, business properties, overseas property management, and others. My involvement in these types of investments has been given in the subsequent paragraphs. Investing in Residential Property is a good investment for my clients as it gives a sense of security to them and gives that much-required status in society. Investing in real estate has shown consistent growth in value over the years and has remained stable, even in times of crisis. Real estate investment has provided clients with equity and has generated cash flow. Commercial property is one of the number one options among the different types of investments. A commercial property is just an area that is characterized by a vast number of businesses. Business property, such as stores, hotels, medical centers and office buildings that are intended to operate with a profit come under the category of commercial property (Stewart, Warner & Portman 2009).
The common phrase ‘buy to let is typically used to refer to the investment strategy of buying a residential property with the intention of letting it for profit. The clients buy the property not according to their need, but according to the demand in the market. Since the mid-nineties, there has been sharp growth in the property market leading to a rise in demand for rental property. Land investment has always been a good option for clients, both for personal and commercial use. Clients have plenty of options such as they can sell it at a higher rate, they can build homes and make it a residential complex, or make it a commercial complex and so forth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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