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Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard - Coursework Example

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The paper “Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard” emphasizes on the concern of building zoning, installation of automatic protection with the main panel in a safe area, equipping with optical smoke detectors to catch the slightest fire, manual assistance call points and sounders. …
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Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard
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Extract of sample "Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard"

Download file to see previous pages In the last few years, the implementation of fire safety has gained concern and has become a top priority of the British Standard. This paper would concentrate on selecting a non-residential structure, which has been designed in accordance with the British Standard. A general overview of the structure would be presented. Then, its fire system will also be analyzed. The different types of fire safety systems, which have been prescribed by the British Standard of BS5839 Parts 1 and 6 and BS5266, would be discussed extensively. After a thorough analysis, a particular system would be suggested and recommended for the building. The building selected for this paper is One Canada Square, which is also called the Canary Wharf Tower.
One Canada Square is considered to be a tall building structure, which is located in London. It is considered to be one of the tallest buildings in Britain and has a height of two hundred and thirty-five meters. It is considered to be ground-breaking and innovative structure, which has unique Pyramid Peak.
The initial and original proposal of the building was proposed by G Ware Travel stead. He did not have sufficient funds to finance the project and therefore in the year 1987, he sold his plans to Olympia & York. Cesar Pelli & Associates, Frederick Gibberd Coombes & Partners, and Adamson Associates were the architects, who were selected for the project. The design material used for the building was steel, which was used to represent Britain’s legacy. In order to meet the requirements of aviation rules and regulations, five floors were reduced by the architects.
In the year 1988, the construction of the tower initiated. The contract went to Ellis Don of Toronto and Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons. Several issues surfaced during the construction phase. For instance, there were problems in erecting steel columns because of wind problem. The design wind speed used was 25 mph, at which the columns failed. In the year 1990, the construction of the tower was completed by placing a roof in the shape of the pyramid at the top. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard Coursework)
Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard Coursework.
“Components and Requirements of the UK Fire Standard Coursework”, n.d.
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