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Criminal Convictions Among Children and Young Adults - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes that criminal convictions are disconcerting. However, children and young adult do commit crimes. Statistics reveal 51,800 male young adults and 7,100 female young adults 19 years of age and under were convicted for various criminal offenses in England and Wales in 1998…
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Criminal Convictions Among Children and Young Adults
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Extract of sample "Criminal Convictions Among Children and Young Adults"

Download file to see previous pages The drop in figures is in a large measure due to changes in laws and rules governing incarceration of children and young adults. Community sentences have replaced jail terms and the approach to the conviction of children and young adults is tied up with their rehabilitation and welfare in the long run (Greenwood, Peter W; 2010).
Earlier, in 1953, the percentage of conviction for male young adults between 16 and 20 years of age stood at 14.4%, that is 49,348, of the population of 342,800. It decreased to 12.9% in 1978. The decrease was not successive. On the contrary, the percentage rose during the intervening years. It was 16.7% in 1958, 19% in 1963, 17.3% in 1968, and 14% in 1973. The figure for females in 1953 for the same age group as males was 2.4% that is 7,865, of a population of 327,700. It increased to 3.3% in 1958, 3.8% in 1963, 2.9% in 1968, 2.3% in 1973 and returned to 2.4% in 1978 (Soothill, Keith et al; 2008, p11).
In the 1960s and the 1970s, where children and young adults were concerned, court convictions symbolized deterrence and stigma. Society used the bad influence of convicted children and young adults as deterrence against criminal tendencies in children and young adults. However, this approach far from curbing criminal tendencies exacerbated and increased it (Soothill, Keith et al; 2008, p6).
Reforms were needed. To begin, reforms were needed in the judicial system and approach to juvenile delinquency and laws to do with alcoholism and drug abuse by children and young adults who formed the most vulnerable groups to crime and drugs abuse. Convicted children and young adults had problems with education and getting jobs. This led to young adults re-offending and getting into worse problems with the law (Helyar-Cardwell, Vicki; p7).
Laws applicable to children and young adults have undergone a sea change during the last few decades.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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