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Public Nuisance - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Public Nuisance' presents a nuisance which is an actionable tort. The action varies depending on whether it is a public or private nuisance. While public nuisance is a crime, a private nuisance is a civil wrong. It is defined as an action or state of affairs substantially…
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Public Nuisance
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Extract of sample "Public Nuisance"

Download file to see previous pages This was only an obiter.2 It should be noted that the damage must be to the land and not merely chattels that happen to be on the land as was discussed in Anglian Water Services Ltd.3 wherein Stanley Burnton J did not consider the interruption to the supply of gas as interference with the use of land as appliances could always be replaced. It is therefore clear that not every interference is actionable as a nuisance. Minor irritations in the neighbourhood without toleration amongst neighbours cannot be brought to action under nuisance. Interference to a reasonable extent that is quite natural from a neighbour should, therefore, be tolerated. Such excusable interferences are generally in the nature of affecting the quiet enjoyment of the land. A principle of giving and take and let live was expressed in Bamfond case as early as in 1862.4 The give and take principle was also echoed by Lord Goff in Cambridge Water Co case.5 An occasional birthday party in the neighbour’s house till late in the night with attendant noise should therefore not be a nuisance. If every minor irritation is actionable, it amounts to interfering with the freedom of enjoyment one’s own on his own land. It therefore follows that law expects the interference with the claimant’s land or any right or any interest in that land should be substantial and reasonable.6 Although a range of activities that may result in nuisance under tort may include emission of noxious fumes, smoke, noise and heat or production of violent vibrations, not every such smoke or noise can constitute a nuisance. A CD player’s a disturbance at a high volume for a fleeting moment caused by a child but quickly turned off by the father cannot constitute a nuisance. A momentary increase in volume cannot constitute nuisance that is substantial or unreasonable. However, the magnitude and unreasonableness are context-dependant. It should be noted that the damage must be to the land and not merely chattels that happen to be on the land as was discussed in Anglian Water Services Ltd. wherein Stanley Burnton J did not consider the interruption to the supply of gas as interference with the use of land as appliances could always be replaced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Public Nuisance Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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...(Cooke and Williams 187). Question 3: What are the implications of trespass, and how would this occur Trespass or nuisance may occur in different ways depending on the affected population, for example, it can be public or private. Public trespass directly affects the general public while private nuisance affects a specific group of people. There are several implications of trespass and they occur in different ways too (Kaeuper 112). Question 4: At all times did the defendant act in a reasonable manner? The defendant did not have control over noise that came from construction for this was beyond his control therefore trying to convince the plaintiff that...
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...under public nuisance. Public nuisance can be defined as the unlawful acts and omissions that jeopardise the safety, health and comfort of the public or a section from a common right. For instance if the dust, noise or chemicals affected a large number of people living next to the company, the act could be classified as public nuisance. For an individual to sue against a public nuisance, he/she has to prove that the he suffered loss or interference more than the other people. David could therefore succeed in such an allegation arguing that the fact that his compound is closer to the firm...
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...?NUISANCE AND TRESSPASS Outline Introduction Nuisance Abating nuisance Public nuisance Damages An injunction Trespass The actions that amount to trespass Conclusions and advice Introduction David has just bought his first house where he now lives with his wife and children. The house is located on Highfield Road opposite a factory unit (situated on Highfield Road in the Edward’s Industrial estate) owned by Harrington & Nephew Ltd. This is an area in which pre-cast concrete units are manufactured. Harrington & Nephew Ltd. was recently successful in winning various contracts which have resulted in the factory operating all day and throughout the night. This has caused David and his family to lose sleep through noise from the factory... ....
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Environmental Nuisance Lawsuit the light of the facts presented. One issue is whether the aroma of the manure being created and processed by the farm is a public nuisance. The second issue is that when there is rainfall, manure being transported across the stonewall leaks out of the pipe and is deposited into a public waterway, the Nishna River, and that the health of the citizens may be jeopardized by this as many people use it as a source of drinking water. Moreover the spillover also renders a nearby park unusable (Elliott & Quinn, 2007). The judge has very carefully noted all the facts and made a judgment which I totally agree with. He has held the owner of Northfield Farm, Chris Lively liable for the runoff...
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...Topic: Critically Evaluate the sta y nuisance case law of Sturges v Bridgman. Style: Harvard Language Style: English UK Answer: Origins Of Nuisance At Common Law: 'There is perhaps no more than impenetrable jungle in the entire law', wrote Dean Professor,' 'than that which surrounds the word nuisance,' There are three types of nuisance which should be distinguished as private nuisance, public nuisance and statutory nuisance. Because of the various of history and the connection between the two forms, private nuisance has come to cover different types of conduct on the part of defendants. Indeed, beyond saying that all these instances are actionable because they are intolerable inconveniences, the only other common element... possession or...
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..."Nuisance Assignment" Nuisance being a separate tort in itself has been divided into public and private nuisance, the latter is defined as an unreasonable interference with the enjoyment of land or some other interest in relation to its enjoyment. The objective principle or "reasonable user principle" is the important basis of the tort. An interference with interests can be either by affecting materially the land of the claimant; or if his use or enjoyment is affected; or where there has been interference with the servitude and similar rights over the land. A difference between material and other interference has been given in St Helens. However in Hunter v. Canary...
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...Human Rights Critical analysis of case study: Introduction: In this case, the main part that needs to be considered is public nuisance which the rowdy teenage youngsters commit in the neighbourhood, thus disturbing peaceful enjoyment and living of the local pensioners, although there is nothing illegal about it. In this case study, the fact that defendants were indulging in rowdy conduct may be accepted, but this, by itself, may not by itself be seen as a crime. It could be seen in terms of creating annoyance at night in area where pensioners reside after drinking alcohol, showing undisciplined public conduct, switching on loud music and disturbing the general peace of the locality....
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...Critically examine the similarities and differences betweeen public and private Nuisance. Support your answer with relevant statute and case law.. please use UK laws, cases, and statutes Nuisance as a tort means an unlawful interference with a persons use or enjoyment of land, or some right over, or in connection with it.(Winfield on Tort, 7th ed.p.193) Acts interfering with the comfort, health or safety are the examples of it. The interference may be any way, e.g., noise, vibrations, heat, smoke, smell, fumes, water, gas, electricity, excavation or disease producing germs. Nuisance is of two kinds : (i) Public or Common Nuisance. (ii)...
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...The implementation of environmental legislations or any other law enforcements agencies today, makes it very easy for a person to win the upper hand in a case where he is reporting rightfully. However, some people today are not suing to rectify matters, but are looking for ways to get an easy buck through the judicial system. The case at hand talks about a group of people living near a dairy farm, and the issue is whether the processing of manure is a public nuisance to the people living nearby. A Mr. Chris Lively has been sued for the purpose that the farmhouse he owns, Northfield Farm, indulges in creation and processing of large amounts of manure which causes problems for the neighbors. The lawsuit...
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... Attractive Nuisance Doctrine Introduction In case an individual decides to call children over to his or her house to have fun, for example, a pool party, the person is assumed to be responsible for the wellbeing of the children at that time. This is in case an upset occurs when the children are using the pool. In regard to tort laws, the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine states that, people who own land may be held responsible for accidents that occur to children trespassing on the land (Okrent 22). This law applies if the risk is caused by dangerous objects, or some features of the lands that are likely to attract children who are unable to determine the risks that are likely to be caused by the objects or the features (Okrent 39... ). The...
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