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Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies - Case Study Example

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This paper "Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies" discusses federal law that is an important body of law formed by the federal government. A group of organizations, political parties or particular political regions join in a federation…
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Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
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Extract of sample "Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies"

Download file to see previous pages Threats may either appear in the form of terrorism or from other intelligence groups or from the espionage. It may arise within the country, against the existing government or social systems. Though most of the federal law enforcement groups are investigative groups, they are not only focused on investigations but stand for the people. One can see that the importance of the federal agencies is growing day by day because the threats from militants and others have considerably increased. Such kinds of federal law enforcement agencies include Federal Air Marshalls, Secret Service, FBI, Untouchables, C.I.A and Federal Corrections etc. The organization and functions of these agencies vary in different fields and can be cited in the following discussions.

The Federal Air Marshal Service is a United States Federal law enforcement agency. It is a Governmental body of law enforcement agency under the control of the Transportation Security Administration promoted by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States. Federal air Marshal Service was started in 1968. In 1985, with the ratification of the Internal Security Development co-operation Act, one can see a systematic growth in the number of Federal Air Marshals and their focal point became international the United States Air Carrier Operations. The Federal Air Marshal is a promoting agency to prevent and defeat aggressive acts against airports, air carriers, passengers and civilians. The main feature of their occupation is under the principles of an independent operating system. The Federal Air Marshal Service never welcomes any type of external interruptions. The agency tries to maintain the highest standard for accuracy and credibility. The training process of the Federal Air Marshal Service agency is comparatively heavier than others. It includes modern scientific investigative techniques, terrorist behavioral recognition, aircrafts special tactics, firearms proficiency, and self-defense measures.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Case Study - 2, n.d.)
Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Case Study - 2.
(Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Case Study - 2)
Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Case Study - 2.
“Organization and Functions of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Case Study - 2”.
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