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Intellectual Property Law in Entertainment Business - Case Study Example

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The paper "Intellectual Property Law in Entertainment Business" states that the law, as it pertains to the music business, is also open to philosophic problems that in turn lead to practical problems for the artist. This appears to be true with most other areas where the law is in effect…
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Intellectual Property Law in Entertainment Business
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Extract of sample "Intellectual Property Law in Entertainment Business"

Download file to see previous pages The law offers a degree of protection for the intellectual property and capacity of authors, in this particular discussion musicians and those involved in the music business, there are fundamental problems and issues raised upon close examination of the said law. This paper is aimed at critically examining the significance of the Intellectual Property Law as it applies to music. The first half of the paper is a presentation of the copyright law, trademark law, the law of passing off, and the law of confidentiality. In the second half, the author brings to light the practical and philosophical problems with the law as it pertains to the musician.
Musicians and songwriters are individuals who thrive on creativity, originality and artistry. Not everyone seems to be endowed with the capacity to write good songs and compose good melodies. There is the need, therefore, to safeguard their intellectual rights over their creations. Herein lies the significance of Intellectual Property Law.
This includes elements of the copyright law, trademark law, the law of passing off, and the law of confidentiality. All of these elements are meant to ensure that the rights of an artist are protected while ensuring at the same time that other artists are not prevented from practising their right to free expression through music.
It is at this point that the term copyright should be clarified to mean a “property right which subsists in accordance with this Part in the following descriptions of work – a) original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works; b) sound recordings, films or broadcasts, and; c) typographical arrangement of published editions” (“Copyright, Designs,” 1988). In short, the term refers to a set of rights that can be exercised exclusively by whoever owns that right. For the artist, this is of particular importance, because it allows him or her, the exclusive right to do the following (“Copyright, Designs,” 1988): ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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