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Court Paper - Essay Example

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This paper deals with the law cases. Thus, it is pointed out that from a theoretical perspective, a civil case refers to a private case where an individual sues another entity or person. The essay focuses on describing the court observation…
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Court Paper
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Download file to see previous pages During the day of the court hearing, I had the opportunity to encounter various events and activities, as well as actions, which were vital in understanding the direction of the case. I arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the session or trial. I had the opportunity to accompany other people I met at the entrance to the public lounge within the courtroom. Every person was all seated until nine in the morning when the judge made an entrance. During this time, everyone was up on his or her feet as a show of respect to the position of the judge. The judge gave the permission for everyone to have a seat prior to the introduction of the case and provision of permission to the prosecutor to continue with the case. Another critical action, which was essential during this encounter, was the tendency by the prosecutor to call witnesses one by one with the intention of submitting evidence to establish or refute the offense. The prosecutor had the ability and potentiality, as well as the right to first question each witness prior to cross-examination by the defense. These events are essential in describing or illustration of the trial as one of the litigation processes of the course.
During this court visit, I was able to see the paralegals in association with the case. The existing paralegals in the case were in the form of lawyers representing the defendant and victim during this civil case. The paralegals focused on working or providing legal services in relation to the legal work under an attorney and subsequent law firms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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