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Unlimited data plans undoubtedly encourage increased data usage and most likely challenge network capacity, requiring higher investments by operators to avoid network congestion. The introduction of data-use pricing model will regulate data caps, and reduce network enhancements…
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Telecommunications Law and Policy
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Download file to see previous pages This has created issues of KableCom potentially running out of bandwidth available for customers, resulting in outages and delays. KableCom should now introduce the “Unlimited Stream Plan.”  Under this Plan, customers will be able to choose three streaming cloud apps from a short list of approved sites that have paid KableCom for the opportunity to participate. Customers will be permitted unlimited streaming on the three sites they select without accruing data charges.
It is, therefore, necessary for KableCom to implement data caps and migrate from unlimited data plans to data-use pricing model, however, many plans shall still have unlimited talk and texts. With a, Internet as down from 4G to 2G (throttling) are on their download (2 GB per). One data is speed - 4G data are significantly than 3G users through a short interval. One potential solution under consideration by KableCom is allowing content providers or app developers to pay carriers so that their services do not count against a customer’s monthly data limit and essentially buying traffic for their content. However, the Internet is designed for all content and services to be treated equally. Because this solution would give KableCom an unfair advantage over its clients, at some point it should be viewed as net neutrality issue.
Data-use pricing model shall monitor data usage and make sure customers stay under their data cap. The provision different tariffs model enable customer decide whether they need to consider upgrading to a higher plan or if usage is typical. Using the current app store KableCom should provide free apps that gives options for ones total usage for the current period or a help site for to customers see where they using the most data bundles.
Other useful tools to be provided free of charge to KableCom’s customers is third-party apps designed to help them monitor their bandwidth usage. One such app is Onavo Extend; it gives one a breakdown of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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