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The paper “Man Killed in Sydney Shooting” evaluates the article titled “Man Killed in Sydney shooting”, which is about the real murder case, which took place in the street of Sydney, the capital of Australia. The incident took place at Leichardt near a populated marketplace around a shopping center…
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Man Killed in Sydney Shooting
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Download file to see previous pages Local people are strictly prohibited to get into the area until the investigation process is in progress and police advice the people for not to come across the street and try to avoid it. However, even after several primary investigation process police is still unable to identify any criminals or suspects. As the shootout was held in the evening the police have decided to close the road from late evening. Even though the investigation is taking place still the criminals are still free and no one is yet arrested by the police. The case is in progress and the murderer is still undetected. Moreover, the increasing number of crime in Australia is affecting its social and political stability to a large extent. Thus, the local people are getting affected by the increasing criminal activities in Australia (The Australian, 2014).
The Social Structure Theory mainly implies the relationship between various attributes of the society. The social structure theory is mainly based on the three modules those are a strain, cultural deviance theory, and social disorganization theory. The objective of these components of the theory is to provide support for understanding individual behavior towards the criminal behavior. In this context, the cultural deviance fits appropriately for the case. The cultural deviance theory is a combination of the social disorganization and strain theory. The criminal activities taking place within the society, which is mainly witnessed amid the lower grade people with a poor mentality. From the above case, it is found that the crime has taken place in a roadside area. Police, however, suspects that there might be some involvement of the mafia gang who are experts in this kind of activity as referred to in the case. The cultural deviance theory signifies that the upbringing or the family culture of a person can lead them towards the crime.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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