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Importance of Planning and Modelling for Successful E Business - Essay Example

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The world has shrunk to a small speck called E-commerce, where it is now possible to exchange goods and money in the form of normal transactions. "Shopping on the Internet or online shopping, as it is more popularly known, is a form of shopping that has almost emptied shopping malls in various parts of the world" (Chaffey, 2007).
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Importance of Planning and Modelling for Successful E Business
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Extract of sample "Importance of Planning and Modelling for Successful E Business"

Download file to see previous pages So what is it that is supposed to draw him Similarly, the housewife cannot smell the coffee beans that she is being offered on an online grocery store - so how does she know it will be something that she will relish every morning
These are the questions that are often asked in the arena of online shopping. In this regard, all the answers point towards a specific simulation application that may be used and categorised as aids in online shopping. E-commerce is currently an extremely vast field and requires the use of like HTML and Flash based applications for appropriation of simulation techniques where the online market place is concerned. The problem in this project mainly adheres to the fact that there are now a plethora of such models and theories. Thus, this has led to some amount of deliberation in terms of choosing the appropriate ones (Nemetz, 2002). Here, it may be noted that the competition in reaching an optimum model and plan for websites has been on a steady rise, thus making it difficult to pinpoint which of them is the best in terms of E commerce objectives.
It has been found that there has been a 94% increase for the year 2005 in the number of Britons buying products online as opposed to the 37% figure of five years ago ( This further implies the fact that E-Commerce is now a major field generating an excessive amount of revenue in the world of global economies. Owing to increasing trends in globalisation, there has been widespread exposure of people from all corners to products and services that are suddenly not out of their reach (Chaffey, 2007).

In this regard, the specific need areas of the people involved in terms of end users is a difficult area to study in order to arrive at the relevant simulation models and approaches. This depends largely on the demographic make up as well as the cultural influences, age, and product being sold. Therefore, E-Commerce is a vast subject to study and to find the appropriate simulation models for (Chaffey, 2007).

Scope of Planning and Modelling
The scope of business is decided by its advent upon various spheres of operation. To be effective, market intelligence is the foremost pre-requisite. In this regard, E-Commerce has been described along the following lines, in terms of its operational sphere:

Industry Association with various web pages: this gives rise to a certain amount of validation of the product and it elements, especially in terms of marketing and online shopping (Palmer et al., 2003). This can be seen in the example of which carries various industries and their associated companies'websites.
Availability of information: E-Commerce depends largely on the information system, which is an integration of knowledge management as well as the human effort as far as intellectual capital is concerned (Palmer et al., 2003). This can be seen in the PR based models of various universities in UK, US, Australia and other countries.

When described in context of these broad elements, E-Commerce can be referred to as the technological advancement in the arena of marketing which in turn gives rise to a whole new experience as far as shopping is concerned (Matsuo et al., 2003).

Decision Aids

In the world of increasing consumerism, the significance of decision aids is accentuated through a focus on market intelligen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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