The Article of Confederation as a Guide for Successful Democracy in the United States - Assignment Example

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The paper “The Article of Confederation as a Guide for Successful Democracy in the United States” evaluates the role of the first legislative act of the young democratic country, which has reduced to a single denominator the socio-economic and political rights and freedoms of the united states…
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The Article of Confederation as a Guide for Successful Democracy in the United States
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Articles of Confederation as a guide for successful democracy in the United States.
The step United States has made in terms of democracy is as a result of the article of confederation which was its first written constitution. Critical and in-depth assessment of this article explores significant democratic society pillars. During its formation, United States was in war and required immediate legitimacy to earn international recognition and seek help if need be. However, the existence of several states with diverse legal and socio-economic policies presented a challenge. It was therefore important to come up with a constitution that reconciled various states differences and a central government. This Article therefor empowered congress as the body of more authority in addressing collective issues of the states in regard to how they should relate to each other (Bond and Kevin 256-9).
Article of confederation vested individual states with sovereign authority, autonomous socio-economic policies and summed up this under congress to establish the existing inter-state relations. It therefore offered an opportunity for individual states to make own socio-economic decisions with a view of serving the interest of its citizens and the central government. The article has a provision on contribution proportions by each state towards central government budget on matters of common interest like funding defense against external aggression. The congress is composed of representative of various states that are a party to the article and this means that the diverse interests of each state is addressed. This is a critical tool for democracy as the decisions made are representative of the majority (Kraut 19). This Article promoted peaceful co-existence of states through a well laid down procedure on socio-economic and political mechanisms of relationship hence its significance in promoting democracy in United States as the first constitution.
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