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Scenario - Essay Example

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Different crimes are caused by different events, and the society have developed different laws that are supposed to govern them. Failure to follow the set law by the society…
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Extract of sample "Scenario"

Download file to see previous pages Their complaint is that the cops usually arrest them and leave the jerks who are usually with them. In this case, the jerks are their customers who are men. It does not make sense to them, and the observers that the police do not arrest the men given that some of the men are married and therefore leaves their wives foe the prostitutes.
One of the criminology theory applicable to this scenario is the rational choice theory (Akers & Sellers, 2009). In this theory, the assumptions that relate it to the social cause of crime is that of individualism. The law breakers look at themselves as individuals, and they have to utilize their time to maximise their opportunities. The maximization of individual opportunity is usually driven by the self-interest that individuals have. The reason why this theory is applicable in this scenario is because of the selfish nature of the prostitutes who chooses to go to the street to for the personal benefits of acquiring money from men without considering the fact that some men are married (Akers & Sellers, 2009).
In the public perspective, the social crime committed by the prostitute is a social device to the society. It is a society that advocate the proper social behaviour that only married men and women should participate in the sexual activity. The society also advocates for the proper use of sex that is for procreation. This is most-encouraged activity for the sexual tool. The prostitutes use the sexual tool as money making machine. They are also out there to tame some married men to be their customers. Since the society has put some guidelines about a family that states that the sexual satisfaction must be obtained from their legally married wives, prostitution tends to denounce this legality (Akers & Sellers, 2009).
The punishment that accompanies this crime is usually short. This is because the law keepers do not see it as a big crime that need long term jail. This is because the police usually try to disrupt them from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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