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The author of this paper states that this exercise brought together federal, state, and local agencies from Philadelphia in testing the Environmental Protection Agency’s response bomb attack. Although sufficient knowledge on the Environmental Protection Agency’s response has been provided…
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Logic Model of Criminal Justice of the Philadelphia Police Department
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Extract of sample "Logic Model of Criminal Justice of the Philadelphia Police Department"

The Philadelphia Police Department dedicated the week of April 26, Applying the Logic Model to the exercise, the following can be identified (Bestsinger et. al., 2004). Philadelphia Police Department. Liberty Radiation Exercise:

The exercise, dabbed, “Liberty RadEx,” was meant to help Philadelphia law enforcement agencies detect the entry, storage, and attempt of detonating radioactive or nuclear materials (Bestsinger et. al., 2004).

Police officers;
Radiation-detection equipment ;
Aircraft and watercraft;
Liaison with Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) (Bestsinger et. al., 2004);

Better preparedness towards radioactive or nuclear attacks;
Identification and purchase of the latest equipment to help detect and counter such attacks;
Empowerment of homeland security unit (Bestsinger et. al., 2004);

Short Term;
Detection of likely entry points for nuclear or radioactive materials;
Secure the likely sources of radioactive material in Philadelphia;
Prevention of attack (Bestsinger et. al., 2004);

Medium Term: 
In-Device Delay (IDD);
Better response;
Purchase of remote monitoring equipment (Bestsinger et. al., 2004);

Long term:
Better equipped and trained Philadelphia Police Department homeland security unit;
Established relationship with Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO);
Regular tabletop exercise in partnership with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) (Bestsinger et. al., 2004); Read More
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