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New York Police Department Abstract Efficient management system is required for the maintenance of a disciplined arrangement of personnel for the implementation of objectives of any organization. Especially when it is the case of a law enforcing organization, the involvement of human element is more and expectations of its function have to be brewed with a proportionate mix of legal and ethical implications…
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New York Police Department
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Download file to see previous pages Particularly in policing and law enforcement, the effectiveness of the personnel involved in the law enforcing process is a major factor of concern. The New York Police Department (NYPD) is such a law enforcing organization that has a wonderful history of promoting social security and communal harmony among the New Yorkers. Since New York is the largest city in the world, the expectations and challenges in the daily life of the people are largely subject to legal implications from the social vulnerabilities. The following points can give a detailed picture of the origin, development and the prominence of the NYPD in the legal and community perspectives. 1. The History of the New York Police Department The New York Police Department (NYPD) is one of the world’s most efficient crime investigation and law enforcement bodies with a very large spectrum of operation in the US. A particularly British model of patrolling and law enforcement was prevalent during the first two centuries since the institution of Schout-fiscal as the law officers in the Dutch domains of America. From the evidences of literature, the inception of the organized form of the city police department took place in 1844. As the first large scale operation of the NYPD under the leadership of Matsell, the Chief of Police, a force of around eight hundred personnel started patrolling in the city in 1845. As Berry (2000, p. 4) points out, the NYPD was set up with the focus of peaceful social life in the five boroughs of the demography of the city, and under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, the organization was liberated from the political influences to stand as an independent body of law enforcement. Now the NYPD is the largest policing agency in the US with the power and efficiency to use ultra modern weapons and sophisticated technology to trace criminals and in most cases, prevent crimes in advance. 1. A. Mission of the NYPD The NYPD is all fit to care for the public safety and the prosperity of the community by adhering to its organizational missions and objectives. As the largest legal system in the country, the expectations of the department are very high and have to be maintained with high integrity among the personnel. The mission of the NYPD is a conglomeration of the missions of many departments interlinked in the organizational structure. The functional missions of these departments jointly work for the effect of reduced crimes and sustainable social and personal security for individuals, organizations and properties in the city of New York (mission statement, NYPD). The mission of the Property Clerk Division is to procure and produce the properties as evidence required by the judiciary and return or dispose them after due trial of the case. The support service bureau is the backbone for the monitoring of crimes and locations in a high-tech way with the access of internet and GIS and GPS systems. Another unit of the NYPD governs the counterterrorist operations in the city which the primary operational group against terrorist attacks and plots within or outside the city. The Crime Prevention Section has its motive to provide deterrent measures to reduce crimes in the city with the involvement of general public. The Crime Preven ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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