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Is there racial profiling in nypd stop question and frisk - Research Paper Example

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These distinguishing features later on became evident and stirred the feeling of hatred and apprehension. Stereotype notions and racism makes…
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Is there racial profiling in nypd stop question and frisk
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Extract of sample "Is there racial profiling in nypd stop question and frisk"

Download file to see previous pages Although these immigrant become a cause of financial prosperity as they bring foreign exchange with them and turn the wheel of economic prosperity by forming revenue for the country. However, there are people who observe every stranger as intruder and suspect them of criminal activity due to their narrow thinking style.
Prejudice towards a nation or society is commonly observed; since right after 9/11 incident. International media and the world not only got terrorized by the incident, but started accusing and treating all the people of Muslim community in the same manner. This conveniently spread the prejudiced feelings towards Muslim and now it is felt by all the other people of the world as well.
All around the world several innocent Muslims are killed by people who count themselves as civilized and literate nations. On the other hand they subject, innocent immigrant who leave their homelands, only for the sake of education or financial prosperity; as subjects to criminal or terrorist activity.
The wind of racial prejudice did not start only after 9/11 but it has a past which date backs 500-1000 years of western prejudice towards non western. Recently NYPD is observing Muslim students of many universities far more closely than ever. They are not only talking to their professors and acquaintance but also following them on trips outside the premises of colleges and universities. An undercover agent was sent on a rafting trip with a group of Muslim students to assess them. Police commissioner Raymond Kelly is facilitating this investigation on Muslim students only on the basis of their religious beliefs and practices. However, there is no such evidence found against these students, to be involved in terrorist activities so far. Several students are in a perplexed state after becoming a surveillance list member. These students felt discomfort and mistrust ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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