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Philadelphia Surveillance Camera Installation Project - Assignment Example

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The paper "Philadelphia Surveillance Camera Installation Project" highlights that the first step in fulfilling the project relates to raising awareness about the need for installation of the surveillance cameras. The televisions and newspapers shall be used to express this concern for a period of about a month. …
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Philadelphia Surveillance Camera Installation Project
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Download file to see previous pages The technology is likely to aid detection and prevention security threats through trough facilitated monitoring of both suspected criminals and targets. In addition, it will establish the significance of technology and facilitate acculturation of technology reliance in the state and beyond. This exercise will bring together all property owners in the city and the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board in determining how the process will be carried out. The process will involve combining video surveillance cameras with NVRs and VMS recording gadgets as well as wireless networking that will provide a comprehensive security system for each building within the city.
Security in a nation or even a state promotes the stability of that particular region, leading to increased development. On the other hand, insecurity leads to grave consequences that can lead to the destruction of a state. The city of Philadelphia, for example, attracts a large number of tourists, which make it a suitable target for terrorist attacks. The city also holds a large number of residents, thus increasing the possibility of criminal attacks. Tourists visiting the city promote the economy of the state, thus playing a key role in the success of the state. Consequent to this, the need to establish strong security measures cannot be ignored. These measures should assist the state in promoting safety, thus heightening the confidence that people have when visiting the city. Such confidence leads to more visitors, which translates to greater economic prowess. Therefore, the move to install surveillance cameras in the buildings of Philadelphia aims at ensuring maximum security for the state, against criminal attacks.
The terrorist attack in New York City, which targeted the World Trade Center, highlights the importance of establishing security measures in Philadelphia. The terrorists attacked the city, leading to the enormous destruction of people and property. Consequent to this attack, the state of New York suffered great loss.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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