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Installation of Cameras on Highways and Roads - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Installation of Cameras on Highways and Roads,” the author discusses the installation of automated speed enforcement. In the city of Cleveland Heights, the number of vehicles that violate the posted speed limit is shocking and, as a result, the number of road deaths has been on the rise…
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Installation of Cameras on Highways and Roads
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Download file to see previous pages The rationale behind the enforcement of this project is to reduce the number of accidents casualties, particularly at accident black spots (Marcus Nieto, 1997).
A speed camera or a traffic enforcement camera is a camera mounted on roads and highways, to monitor traffic movements on the motorway. These cameras are highly sophisticated to be able to read vehicle registration numbers in case of Highway Code violations. The cameras are able to detect the speed of a moving vehicle, and if found to be overspeeding, a call is then made to police patrol vehicles that are waiting nearby.
Speed enforcement cameras are highly effective tools for discouraging speeding and consequently, reducing road accidents. Point-to-point speed cameras, for example, calculate the average speed of a moving vehicle over a stretch of the road or highway and discourage motorists from the habit of speeding up then slowing down near fixed safety cameras to avoid detection.
Red light cameras are cameras that are connected to traffic signals and sensors buried at the stop line or the crosswalk. The cameras are highly effective in identifying traffic light violators by continuously monitoring the traffic signals. The red light cameras are especially useful in cities, where they enforce traffic regulations by automatically taking photos of vehicles whose drivers run the red lights.
The red light cameras rely heavily on the sensors buried under the stop line, to enforce the traffic laws. The cameras are triggered when vehicles pass over the sensors at a specified time after the traffic lights turn red, and above a pre-set minimum speed. The photograph shows the vehicle of the red light violator at the intersection. The red light camera records the time elapsed since the commencement of the red light, the time, date and vehicle speed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Installation of Cameras on Highways and Roads Research Paper.
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