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Legal Side of Property Ownership Disputes - Case Study Example

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The writer of the following study would argumentatively examine two particular cases regarding land law. The study "Legal Side of Property Ownership Disputes", therefore, describes the principles of resolving legal disputes concerning the landlord disputes…
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Legal Side of Property Ownership Disputes
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Extract of sample "Legal Side of Property Ownership Disputes"

Download file to see previous pages In early modern England there existed the ‘Napoleonic code’ which was the first act of property law in recent times that introduced the overall idea of total ownership merged with the rights of property that was personal and this was incorporated into various laws including the unique laws of Islam. These were enforced in the ordinary laws to steer society into healthy property existence. Before we proceed let’s get a clear definition of property2. Property in its common usage basically means an object that is possessed by a person. It could be anything ranging from huge high-rise buildings to a pen. In our instance, we will use the term property to refer to the converted apartments/flats that were rented out by Alf for the sake of clarity and coherence.
In his book “On the History of Property”, James Wilson says in pure coherence: “Property is the right or lawful power, which a person has to a thing”. He gives a clear subdivision of the stated rights. There is; (1) Possession (2) Possession and use then (3) Possession, use and disposition. The case of Alf and George is a clear life application of the three degrees of the property right of ownership. Alf inherited the big house and got possession of it, he then rented it out to Bella, Charles, David, Eva and his niece Fiona and this marks the second degree of possession and usage. Then afterward George comes with an irresistible offer and forces Alf’s hand into the third-degree act of disposition of the property. The life cycle of the three degrees discussed above requires the apartment owner, the tenants and the willing buyer to be vast with the property laws of the locality where the property is situated.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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