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Forming an International Organization - Assignment Example

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For a country to gain membership, it must be geographically situated within the region. However, the treaty forming the alliance allows states that do not come from the region to join. It is…
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Extract of sample "Forming an International Organization"

New Alliance of Indian Ocean Nations: The Indian Ocean alliance is a regional organization that comprises of five countries. For a country to gain membership, it must be geographically situated within the region. However, the treaty forming the alliance allows states that do not come from the region to join. It is the council of the head of states who can allow new members, through a secret ballot vote. The Indian Ocean alliance will be an economic and security alliance. It will help in protecting the security of the region, as well as promoting its economic development.
To promote economic development, the alliance seeks to reduce the tax that member states charge on each other’s products. The alliance also seeks to remove the barriers of trade imposed by member states, and this includes the introduction of free movement of goods and people. The alliance will also seek to prevent an emergence of another war, by promoting cohesion and peace within the region.
In conclusion, the alliance will have four organizations, each performing different roles. These organizations are the office of presidents, the office of ministers, the administrative unit, and the office of security affairs. The office of the Presidents is the highest authority, and they are responsible for policy formulation. Normally, a policy will be decided by a vote, and a policy that garners majority votes will be implemented. The office of the ministers will be responsible for discussing the methods of implementing the policy, while the administrative unit will have the responsibility of implementing the policy under consideration. The office of security affairs on the other hand will have the responsibility of identifying the internal and external security threats that face the region. This is for purposes of finding a solution on how to mitigate the threats under consideration. Read More
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