Effects of Substance Abuse on Prisoners in Austin Texas - Assignment Example

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This paper "Effects of Substance Abuse on Prisoners in Austin Texas" focuses on the research which is a continuous and extensive process in the search for knowledge. The main goal of a researcher is to paint a clear picture of the research to the concerned stakeholders. …
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Effects of Substance Abuse on Prisoners in Austin Texas
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Effects of Substance Abuse on Prisoners in Austin Texas
Research is a continuous and extensive process in the search for knowledge. The main goal of a researcher is to paint a clear picture of the research to the concerned stakeholders (Ireland & Mutchnick, 2010). To accomplish this goal, the presentation must be both persuasive and comprehensible to the audience. The researcher can use a number of tips to effectively present his research findings and proposed solutions to his audience. These tips are as enumerated. The researcher has to understand his audience, the medium that he will use to present the research and the content. In this research of substance abuse in Texas, there are various shareholders. Healthcare organizations that are concerned with the welfare of the inmates, the criminal justice system that incorporates judges, attorneys, police officers, probation officers among others. Community stakeholders are also involved. These include the media, victims, families of the victims and community organizations in general.
Question two
As discussed above, a researcher has to know his audience. The researcher determines who his audience is by conducting a prior audience analysis (Ellis & Walsh, 2010). Before the actual presentation, the researcher should gather information on the recipients of his presentation. He should profile the audience in respect to their knowledge of the subject matter, culture and age. This information is critical in helping the researcher to organize his presentation. The researcher should tailor his presentation to the needs and expectations of his audience. This will ensure that his presentation gets a positive reaction from the audience.
Question three
The goal of a researcher is to communicate the research findings to the concerned stakeholders in an effective manner. Therefore, the mode and the medium of presentation are of utmost importance (Dantzker & Hunter, 2012). In this research on substance abuse in Texas, the researcher feels that a hybrid of more than one method of presentation will be effective in communicating the research findings. The researcher must communicate his message persuasively. Lecture method of presentation will be best for this. PowerPoint as a medium for presentation will be of importance. This will help in the display of charts and graphs in the presentation. Moreover, text reports will work well in communicating the researcher’s findings. Stakeholders who are not familiar with the subject of substance abuse in Texas will get the information from the report. Government executives and other officials may not have the time to read this report. However, the report will establish credibility. The assurance that the report is available to them anytime they need it will foster confidence in the stakeholders. They will view the findings of the research as credible. The researcher will therefore achieve his goals of communicating his findings.
Question four
A research statement mirrors the researcher’s activities in the quest for knowledge in a particular field. In research on substance abuse in Texas, the research statement outlines what the researcher has been involved in recently. It also shows how the research contributes to the criminal justice system. The purpose of presenting the research statement to the audience is to inform them of the ideas expressed in the research (Ellis & Walsh, 2010). In delivering the research statement, the researcher is able to know what the audience expectations are and what they are interested in. The researcher would deliver the research statement in lecture format. Through this, he will achieve the goal of expression that cannot be communicated in any other means. Moreover, through the lecture presentation, the researcher will be able to gauge listener satisfaction. If there is good communication, the audience will be active and ardently listening to the presentation.

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