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The author of the following paper claims that divorce in Islam is considered the last choice after all possible ways of a reunion have been tried and have proven useless. For men who dislike their wives, Allah encourages in Quran to try hard to sustain the marriage…
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Laws of Divorce in Islam
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13 November Divorce Divorce in Islam is considered the last choice after all possible ways of reunion have been tried and have proven useless. For men who dislike their wives, Allah encourages in Quran to try hard to sustain the marriage in these words: “... live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and God brings about through it a great deal of good” (Quran: Surah 4 Verse 19 cited in Farag). Likewise, Allah allows the room for an amicable settlement between the husband and the wife if the wife has some concerns; “If a wife fears cruelty or desertion on her husbands part, there is no blame on them if they arrange an amicable settlement between themselves” (Quran: Surah 4 Verse 128 cited in Farag). In addition to guiding the husband and the wife, Allah has also guided on how reconciliation between the two has to be approached with the help of their relatives in these words, “If ye fear a breach between them twain, appoint (two) arbiters, one from his family, and the other from hers; if they wish for peace, God will cause their reconciliation: For God hath full knowledge, and is acquainted with all things” (Quran: Surah 4 Verse 35 cited in Farag). Divorce becomes inevitable after all reconciliatory attempts have turned out futile. Islamic law as depicted by Quran is practical and considerate rather than unrealistic.
The ultimate purpose of marriage is peace and happiness. Marriage provides people with a way to live the life happily and to set the foundations of a new family. If a couple is unable to achieve that together irrespective of their best efforts, then divorce is allowed.
Islam emphasizes a lot on the concept of modesty and decency for both men and women. The dress code makes a fundamental part of this. Allah has discussed the matter of hijab for men in Quran in these words, “Say to the believing men that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste). This is better for them” (Quran: Chapter 24, Verse 30 cited in “The Qur’an and”). At another place in the Quran, Allah has described how women should dress to maintain the Hijab in these words, “O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib” (Quran: Chapter 33, Verse 59 cited in “The Qur’an and”).
Hijab is of immense importance for both men and women since it helps them protect their modesty and respect. In the present age, when women have also entered the workforce along with men, hijab enables both men and women to work safely and uninterruptedly.
Allah has forbidden interest in Quran. When Islam was emerging, the Arabian people used interest both in the commodities’ barter transactions and the transactions of monetary loans. Allah has prohibited interest so strongly that he has declared war with people who take interest; “O ye who believe! Observe your duty to Allah, and give up what remaineth (due to you) from usury, if ye are (in truth) believers. And if ye do not, then be warned of war (against you) from Allah and His messenger. And if ye repent, then ye have your principal (without interest). Wrong not, and ye shall not be wronged” (2:278-279 cited in Chaudhry).
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