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The following essay under the title "The Sources of Law" aims to show and describe the sources of law. As the author of the text puts it, the law refers to a set o rule that is prescribed or formulated by a controlling authority and that has a binding force…
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The Sources of Law
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Legislative law contains laws that explain; what is required authorized or prohibited behavior of an individual prior to its action. The federal and the state administrative regulations are set by the executive branch and are passed by the legislature. The constitution is the written rules that are agreed upon by the state union of people. This constitution remains in control until it shall be changed by the authority which created it. Though constitutions are long-lasting and are not easily amended. It sets the parameters of the state and hence is formulated in a very general language.
The judge or court-made laws; the common law
It’s composed of decisions that are made by courts in individual cases. It originates from specific facts and therefore the court resolves the disputes between the parties involved based on the individual facts. The judges make laws by applying and interpreting laws based on a case to another. A court uses an earlier and similar case to give a legal action in order to decide on an individual case.
Other sources of law
These sources may be given lesser or greater weight. These include writing of legal scholars which may either is in civil law jurisdictions or in academic writings and interpreting the legislation; it could be an edict from a ruler or from the king or even from Islamic religion like the Sharia law. Read More
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The Sources of Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 328 Words.
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