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The writer of this essay "My Multiple Corruption at Work" discusses three years ago, he started a deal with a renowned drug lord to assist him in shipping his drugs. We agreed that his Swat Team would be getting 30% of his earnings. Starting next month, he will serve 20 years of federal jail term…
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My Multiple Corruption at Work
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 I can confirm that I am the brains behind all this, and I deeply regret having let down the only persons who truly love and depend on me. I only did it to give you the best life.
Considering that the drug lord made a fortune out of selling that stuff, I also got greedy and decided to join him. I cannot use you, my beloved family, as an excuse of wanting to have a lot of money. You should know that I tried to make you live well with the money I earned from work.

Words cannot portray the way I feel towards letting you down. As a father, I am supposed to be a role model for you and your mother (Wang, 2011). I hope that you to do not take out your stress outside the family, and you try to solve this matter together. I have decided not to appeal my case to show you the way I regret having involved myself in such activities. Therefore, I hope when I return from prison, I will find a much stronger family than I left. Read More
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My Multiple Corruption at Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 335 Words.
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