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This paper "Barnett, Jim - Two Muslim Religious Leaders Sue Airlines for Discrimination" is entirely about discrimination. Discrimination talked about in the essay refers to consideration or treatment of a thing or a person on grounds of category, class or group the thing or person belongs. …
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Barnett, Jim - Two Muslim Religious Leaders Sue Airlines for Discrimination
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The law is also against discrimination of personal disability, sexual orientation, age or civil partnership and being pregnant. However, people who fall in the minority group category still face discrimination even in a democratic society. In most cases, discrimination happens on the grounds of sex, race, and religion.
American society gives the best-learnt lesson of discrimination based on race. Although the blacks and whites now have the same freedoms and rights, discrimination according to race is still an issue of urgency. This is because many people still suffer from the effect of racial discrimination. Discrimination comes in forms including indirect discrimination, direct, victimization and harassment.
The article “Two Muslim religious leaders sue airlines for discrimination” written by Jim Barnett, shows a classical example of discrimination according to race at present. In this case, the two imams sued Delta Airlines for the discrimination meted on them. The Muslim leaders underwent checking three times before the plane took off (Barnett 2011). Even after boarding, and the plane had left the gate where they had undergone a second checking by the security, the pilot felt uncomfortable with the imams and took the plane back to the gate for the imams to undergo checking.
The essay sums it all by emphasizing the need to phase out discrimination in all its forms. All people are equal as per the Declaration of Independence. Legislation, education, and promotion of intergroup contacts can help in reducing discrimination and prejudice.
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