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Probation and Intermediate Sanctions - Essay Example

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The essay "Probation and Intermediate Sanctions" states that Probation refers to a situation whereby one has been found guilty of a crime or offense that he or she had committed, and instead of paying a fine or being taken to the jail, a judge gives the person a definite period of time. …
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Probation and Intermediate Sanctions
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Extract of sample "Probation and Intermediate Sanctions"

Intermediate sanctions refer to illegal judgments that connect ordinary audition and imprisonment. Intermediate sanction usually includes the following, thorough trial, house detention, electronic scrutinization, boot camps and drug management (Siegel 2011 p. 7). Intermediate sanctions serve the following two functions in a criminal integrity scheme. First, the granting of intermediate sanctions over confinement helps in reducing congestion and eases the saddle on any county’s jail organization. Secondly, it facilitates the reduction of recidivism by aiming the behaviors of the defendants that led to the committing of the crime. Intermediate sanctions can be very effective if used in the right way.
The condition number eight sets out one of the ordinary Conditions of Juvenile Probation which was permitted in 1995 by the New Jersey Supreme Court. The condition stipulates well that one is obliged to answer completely, truthfully and promptly to all the inquiries made by his or her probation officer. This condition usually forms the basis of good probationer performance. In case the person under probation does no adhere to the condition, the probation officer may impose an appropriate sanction against the probationer as provided by the law. When one repeatedly goes against this condition, this is considered as a contravention of probation particularly when one has violated other conditions. Read More
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(Probation and Intermediate Sanctions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 360 Words)
Probation and Intermediate Sanctions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 360 Words.
“Probation and Intermediate Sanctions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 360 Words”, n.d.
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