Profiles in Murder: Jack, Bert, and Pratt - Assignment Example

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The author focuses on the case of Jack, Bert, and Pratt and states that court was incorrect in its ruling because Jack had fired and had mistakenly killed Pratt, even though he wanted to shoot Bert. The consequence of mistake does not fit in well with the claim that has been made by Jack’s attorney.  …
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Profiles in Murder: Jack, Bert, and Pratt
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The attempt to murder therefore remains, with the added crime that he had killed down Pratt whilst on a criminal motive to kill down Bert. Thus, his motive was not accomplished yet the court of law must understand that Jack had committed himself into the criminal act which is more important than any other act (Harrington 1998). This should be enough to make him accountable in front of the criminal court and hence there should be a provision to try him under the criminal act for killing someone unintentionally, yet on the same token, he wanted to murder Bert at the same time. Therefore the motive is more important than what happened at the actual scene. It was an incomplete attempt but its completion stands vindicated as his motive was to kill Bert which is most important here.   Read More
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