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Land Law: Property rules governing the Claims of Cohabitants - Essay Example

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Land law regarding property rules that govern the claims of the cohabitants are very complex. According to views of Law commission if the government gives all the benefits of the cohabitants without having the reasonable definition for it the very purpose of the marriage system will be damaged. …
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Land Law: Property rules governing the Claims of Cohabitants
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Extract of sample "Land Law: Property rules governing the Claims of Cohabitants"

Download file to see previous pages The reason for the cohabitation is due to the changes in patterns of intimate relationships outside the family. These relations are recognised by society and diverse family forms are emerging. This contributed to growth of cohabitation. The significance of this cohabitation is different from that of family form but still deserves some recognition. Some regions are witnessing this cohabitation as a majority practice alternative to the marriage and this resulted in number of victims who do not get protection from the law in the context of separation. In some areas in Ireland the system of cohabitation has taken form of a system analogous to marriage. This is posing a danger to the future family system and life in some European countries mostly in UK and Ireland.
As the prevailing practices cannot be undone overnight, the law makers have a responsibility of providing rights for the separating cohabitants and at the same time discouraging the cohabitation with respect to the family life. According to a survey the cohabitation increased by 125 percent between 1996 and 2002. The changes and reform in the law are necessary because the present system of the law do not reflect the system of cohabitation and do not provide any right in the distribution of the property.
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Land Law: Property Rules Governing the Claims of Cohabitants Essay - 1.
“Land Law: Property Rules Governing the Claims of Cohabitants Essay - 1”, n.d.
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