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Comparison between the Qatari Laws and the American Laws related to working mothers to answer the following question: Does socie - Term Paper Example

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Working Mothers in Qatar- A Comparative Research Working Mothers in Qatar- A Comparative Research Introduction With the increasing trend of a household with two bread earners, women in workplace have become a common sight in the western world…
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Comparison between the Qatari Laws and the American Laws related to working mothers to answer the following question: Does socie
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"Comparison between the Qatari Laws and the American Laws related to working mothers to answer the following question: Does socie"

Download file to see previous pages The Middle East has seen a shift in the societal dynamics as a result of western influences and hence, the models of laws applied here are inspired by, if not entirely identical, by that of the western world. The United States is known for being a land of opportunity and is seen as symbol of independence, freedom and endless professional possibilities. With human rights, especially women rights, being an epitome of discussion topics worldwide, the United States ensures that it not only complies with the general women rights standards but also take it up a notch above so that women are given their due rights and are respected as co-workers. As the western world is lookedup upon by aspirin countries of the world for benchmarks regarding different laws and regulations, these workplace laws are adopted all over the world. The Middle East, Arab and South Asia have always been known for being less women-friendly as far as the professional world was concerned. This was a result of the prevailing religion as well as the overall culture that placed women as membersof the households who were responsible to look after bringing up children and looking after the home etc. The human rights revolution worldwide has had its tremors felt in this part of the world as well and as a result the women in the middle east and Arab countries also started questioning their rights, or lack thereof. First they were given the right to acquire higher knowledge as a sign of modernization(Alizadeh, 1996). Then the women revolted against the state laws that prevented them from stepping into the professional world. As a result the laws were flexed enough to accommodate women in the professional world, just like the rest of the world. Soon, the female workforce was subjected to undue biasness on the basis of their gender, sexual harassment etc. This encouraged them to stand up for their rights and be imparted the same level of respect and accommodation as their male counterparts. With the increasing number for women stepping into the professional world, the general trend scene in the middle east was that of late marriages, decreased age difference between the spouses, increase in the number of separation cases and even cases of women leading a single life as self-dependent professionals. This was seen as a highly disruptive factor as far as the societal construct was concerned because the basis of the Arab and Middle Eastern society was the family orientation. This has a lot to do with the culture and historical tradition of that part of the world. The government was concerned with the larger picture under these circumstances, i.e. the likely decrease in population and fertility rate of the women. In order to pacify the conditions and bring about a positive aspect in this situation the government introduced several reforms and laws to support women In the workplace and ensure that the household system is not compromised. These laws included flexible work timing for the women, maternity leaves, marriage counseling etc. the government has set a general benchmark but most organizations work above and beyond those regulations to ensure that they are seen as an equal opportunity employer. American law related to working mothers: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is aimed at providing the employees a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparison Between the Qatari Laws and the American Laws Related to Term Paper.
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