Is Modern English Law Sufficient Enough to Deal with Current Technology Issues - Dissertation Example

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The author of the paper "Is Modern English Law Sufficient Enough to Deal with Current Technology Issues" will spot out five different provinces in contemporary English law and will critically evaluate these provinces to look into whether the research aim is correct as to what the author postulate or not?…
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Is Modern English Law Sufficient Enough to Deal with Current Technology Issues
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Download file to see previous pages As I am having strong fervor for modern technology, in the past, I have searched for various widgets and managed with intensive care of contemporary technology.  Though contemporary technologies are offering ease and comfort, it is also having a negative impact on the UK’s society. I used to see how people are having constant panic to cope with technology. I have seen that some of the friends who have received e-mails from unknown senders that his e-mail has won £ 1 million and to receive the amount, he has to send his personal information along with his bank account number. They have responded and finally found that their bank account was hacked. I used to astonish whether the UK is having adequate law to prevent this type of e-mails and to book those criminals who involved in the hacking of other’s online bank accounts? Further, the present Adoption Act requires that natural parent consent in a court of law in the UK whereas the UK courts have started now to accept the evidence produced through Skype’s recordings of natural parent’s consent who are hailing far-off places like Nepal. This is a welcome change as UK courts have realized the significance of technology innovation. Likewise, hair test technology is being used in the UK to decide about the Child’s safe care and to find out whether parents are drug or alcohol addict or not. In this research paper, I wish to find a clear panacea and to find an answer for UK citizens in our present legal setup to search for whether there is an answer for their concerns? My objective is to evaluate the black dots in UK’s legal setup, which does not recognize the recent developments in technology by not embracing the same or not revamping the existing laws to match the current technology developments. I have carried out extensive research on how UK laws remain outdated thereby remaining blind to the recent technology advancements by not assimilating the same into it. As of now, for every average British citizen, technology has become a basic necessity, and it is necessary for me to point out where UK laws have to be fine-tuned in relation to the recent technology development. The core idea is to have an overview on these fundamental issues which are occurring due to loopholes in the UK’s legal setup to cope with the technology developments, which can be resolved by making suitable revamping in the existing UK laws relating family, cyber, freedom of expression, IPR and medical. I am well aware that this is not an easy task as it requires good time management and has to spend time to search for resources both on the web, online law journals, and books. I will start my research by examining and reviewing major incidents/cases of disasters, which occurred due to dormant British laws that cannot be employed to justify to deal with the present technology and other technology associated cases. I will make an attempt to associate my findings with other areas of UK laws like medical, cyber, family, IPR and freedom of expression laws. I will try to demonstrate how not dealing with the hot issues explained about my position the whole gamut of UK’s legal system is inaccurate and how this leech can probably impact the whole UKs legal setup. To accomplish this task, I will have to rely on some resources, chiefly secondary resources like law journal articles, books, websites, and online journals. I will access the books through online libraries as my research will be footed upon a wider range of information on the subject. I can widely access recent information thanks to online libraries and online law journals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LEGAL TECHNOLOGY ISSUES Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 16250 Words.
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