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Probation Client Needs - Assignment Example

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This essay focuses on the analysis of the needs and rights of probation clients, mostly because today, a large majority of the nonviolent offenders in United States prisons usually find themselves in jail, due to minor drug possession and trafficking offences…
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Probation Client Needs
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Download file to see previous pages This program’s aims are to reduce the drug use and drug dependency of female inmates on parole and probation. It is a holistic program that also includes skills training as well as family and other types of counseling as well as recreational and social activities (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (b), 2013). Another similar program is also in use in California for the men and this one also aims at reducing the recidivism rates among the male inhabitants that have been paroled from Californian correctional facilities (Study evaluates substance abuse in probation, parole admissions (a), 2011). This has also had a positive influence in reducing the rates of return to custody of male inmates especially those on probation and released early on parole (Hinkle, 2008). Another program is the Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center implemented in Dallas Texas, a residential substance abuse program specifically aimed at those on probation. It aims to reduce the prison overcrowding in the Texas correctional system. It not only includes modern therapeutic substance abuse treatments utilizing the 12-step method but also includes life-skills training, drug education as well as counseling (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults in the Criminal Justice System, 2005). These programs have all in addition to reducing the costs of running prisons and alleviating the overcrowding problem in these facilities, also resulted in better results for the offenders, corrections system and the communities in which they are located. 2. These programs have all got as a major strength the fact they have taken a more holistic view of the problems of offenders with substance abuse histories. They also look at other...
This essay discusses the parole and probation clients who go into substance abuse programs have shown improvement in more ways than those who do not go through those programs or those who only undergo custodial sentences. The major improvement has been in the area of personal rehabilitation. Criminal behavior brought on by substance abuse can only be reduced if the root cause of the behavior, the substance abuse, is dealt with as only punishing the offender results in him or her returning to the substance abuse on completion of the sentence. Furthermore, if the other usually connected causes of the behavior and substance abuse, such as lack of a job, lack of job skills, lack of housing and a community where drugs are easily available are not tackled at the same time, the offender actually ends up building tolerance and making the substance abuse problem even more serious. All over the US programs that are addressing these root cause of drug-related criminal behavior are producing better results in the rehabilitation of inmates. In conclusion, a program that looks at the needs of the offenders in a more holistic and realistic way stands a better chance of success. Studies have also shown that offender rehabilitation programs that not only include the right kind of treatment for those with substance abuse issues, coupled with the most appropriate community based programs are the most successful when it comes to enabling the criminal justice system impart both punishment and rehabilitation to those convicted of crimes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Probation Client Needs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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