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Holistic Health Assessment wk 4 - Research Paper Example

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Submit by 0800 CST Thursday of Week 4. Name: Date: Overview: Objective Data Collection In this assignment, you will find a person from whom to collect holistic health assessment data over the course of five weeks and conduct an objective physical assessment…
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Holistic Health Assessment wk 4
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Download file to see previous pages Please follow the proper order of assessment techniques of Inspection, auscultation, percussion, and then deep and light palpation with exception to the abdomen, depending on the system. All assessment procedures must be completed unless otherwise instructed, regardless if they apply to your client. This is your time to practice and learn these techniques. You MAY NOT conduct assessment of the breast, female/ male genitalia, rectum, anus or prostate during your physical assessments. This is time consuming so plan to complete the assignment in detail.? Performance Objectives: Collect objective data utilizing inspection and palpation techniques and other appropriate techniques for the assessment of: abdomen. neurological and mental status. musculoskeletal system. Rubric Inadequate/ Incomplete data will result in 0 points earned as listed in the rubric N/A and Normal/WNL is not acceptable Submissions must be in narrative as listed in the Text required for assignment completion Comprehensive Data Objective Data must include without omissions the Sample Documentation of Objective Data under each topical System listed in the required Text Book. Documented assessment findings should not be copied from the text or another source but based on your physical assessment data. ...
Components Completed Acceptable Incomplete Information Documented Correct Format Assessment techniques will be document in the correct order of exam for each system. Includes: Inspection Palpation Percussion Auscultation (25 Point) Needs improvement, 2-3 errors in documentation (15 point) Incomplete or incorrect with 4 or more errors (0 Points) Data Sheet Accuracy Data sheet is accurate with zero to one error: Abdomen Neurological and mental status Musculoskeletal System Needs improvement, 2-3 errors in documentation (15 point) Incomplete or incorrect With 4 or more errors: CN by name, number and correct test CN1 with separate tests for each nostril MSK each by name, ROM and bilateral Reflexes with denominators Spelling Error Identifies normal, variations of normal, and abnormal findings Collects complete objective data items listed in textbook with zero to one error (25 point) Needs improvement, 2-3 errors in documentation (15 point) Incomplete or incorrect with 4 or more errors (0 point) Able to Document Findings Comprehensively Able to formulate articulate comprehensive statements of the objective data collected in narrative format with zero to one error (25 points) Needs improvement, 2-3 errors in documentation (15 point) Incomplete or incorrect with 4 or more errors (0 point) All assignments must be submitted and complete for completion of N3425 requirements. ANY LATE SUBMISSION OF ASSIGNMENTS WILL RECEIVE A GRADE REDUCED by 25% AS LATE PENALTIES. THE LATE PENALTIES MAY BE AVOIDED BY COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR COACHES VIA EMAIL. LATE PENALTIES ARE NOT APPLICABLE IF THE STUDENT HAS MADE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS FOR LATE SUBMISSION WITH THE COACHES. Objective Data Sheet 1) Record in narrative format your objective data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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