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Educational Goals Name School Educational Goals My education at the University of Phoenix enabled me to achieve my professional and personal goals in a number of areas: it enabled me to acquire professional competence and to develop the values required for a criminal justice professional…
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Educational Goals
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Download file to see previous pages Through the education, I got exposure to relevant criminal justice literature and materials, which I applied throughout my work-life. Through the education, I developed vital capabilities like critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, collaborative working and information utilization. I want to continue my education at University of Phoenix, so as to develop the knowledge and the skills that will increase my career success as a justice and security officer. Through the Master’s degree program, I will increase my capacity for career development and delivering innovative change proposals, which can revolutionize the field of justice and security. The Masters program will enable me to attain recertification, endorsement and higher credit as a justice professional. Through the additional Master’s degree, I will acquiring knowledge and the skills required to face new challenges. That will form learning experiences in support of educational and professional growth. Through the program, I expect to gain more real-world experiences of state-of-the-art justice issues, which will distinguish my performance. My degree has helped me become one of the best employees in the department: through the Master’s program, I will be recognized by the LAPD as a highly knowledgeable employee, which will help me gain a promotion to a managerial position: the police department awards promotions on the basis of competency and educational levels. Achievements University of Phoenix candidates lead by example, which I have demonstrated through the development of exceptional leadership capacity in my personal life, work and school environments. During my work at the LAPD, I am viewed as a role model for the skills and the values that make differences at my work place as well as in my community. For instance, in my role as a polygraph examination officer, I am viewed as the number one critical thinker, especially when dealing with complicated cases. As a Phoenix graduate, I am revered as a life-long learner, which has enabled me to gain more useful information in my field, which enables me to share valuable insights in any critical case. Therefore, at the workplace, I am viewed as the best polygraph examiner, which is confessed by superiors and junior co-workers. At school, I was viewed as a leader, a role model in life-learning, and an informed student who helped others when they had trouble with courses. Upon the completion of the degree course, I graduated with honors, and a GPA of 3.85 which distinguished me as among the best candidates. The exceptional performance and the values I was identified with are among the leadership characteristics that I continue to be revered about. At the family level, I was the first to attain four-year degree education; therefore, I am viewed as a knowledgeable person who leads the family in all critical decision-making. At the larger community, I am viewed as an exceptional person who gained education against all odds, and one that has remained successful in all areas, therefore, I am viewed as a leader who can empower community members. During the Master’s program, I also plan to become a leader in values, skills-development and leadership, which makes a positive impact on other people. Personal Reflection During my work as a polygraph examiner with the Los Angeles Police Department, I have developed a mastery of uncovering the tricks of criminals. However, this exceptional perfo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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