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No Smoking Legislation - Essay Example

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No Smoking Legislation Your Instructor Introduction No smoking legislation is a policy that aims at banning smoking in public. Various countries have taken the initiative to ban public smoking among their citizens; the core reason for the bar is to reduce health risk associated with both active and passive smoking…
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No Smoking Legislation
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Download file to see previous pages The designated locations for the display have similar characteristics, they all holds large number of persons. The legislation has some exceptions to particular business premises; the law allows the businesses to designate or allocate enclosed regions where their customers can smoke. No smoking legislation is effective in reducing health problems in the population (Ahn, 2012). Different countries globally have adopted the legislation after carrying out researches. There has been evident change in terms of health as a result of the ban; cases related with both active and passive smoking drastically reduced. Personally, I support the ban or no smoking legislation, with the bar it has reduced the number of children admitted as result of asthmatic attacks in hospital at both United States and United Kingdom (Carter, 2012). Children are the most victims of passive smoking in the society, hence, ban in public smoking will be an initiative to safeguard children’s and passive smoker’s health. Statistics shows that before the ban, the percentage of children being admitted due to serious asthma attacks were increasing by 2.2% each year in United States. After the implementation of the no smoking legislation, the percentage of children admission accordingly to asthmatic attack reduced by 12.3% and there is further reduction by 3% annually. Other research conducted in Scotland and china had similar outcome, reflecting in the reduction of public health problem because of passive or active smoking. Therefore, on personal perspective, the ban on public smoking should continue to be implemented (Carter, 2012). Past and Current Cases Related To Ban There have been many cases that evolved after execution of no smoking in public policy, which are both positive and negative. On the past cases, after public ban, there was court petition at Ohio to stop implementation of the law. People who filed the petition were citizens and other business personalities. For the business owners, they filled their petition citing that the law was invading on the business property rights, hence affecting their ability to generate income (Ahn, 2012). Citizen filed petition on the ground that it affect their personal life, thus citing that the law should either be amended or abolished. After implementation of the law, there has been imposition of fine to the public and private premises that violates the act. Many businesses have been taken to court after failing to abide to the law. In some of the past cases where bars at Ohio failed to respect laws; bars did not have posters on No smoking and it allowed its citizens to smoke in public. The magistrate fined the bars showing examples to other business to abide to the provided decree. After the attainment of ban in several parts globally, countries have gone further to abolish or prohibits advertisement of tobacco product. Some countries prohibited Tobacco Company to sponsor any sporting events. The ban of sponsorship and advertisement in the European Union (EU) in the year 2005 impelled formula one management to find other ways, which allows display of the livery or racing color of tobacco sponsorship (Gilleskie & Strumpf, 2000). These later led to some of the scheduled races to be cancelled in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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No Smoking Legislation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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