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Democracy - Essay Example

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Democracy is a form of organization or management in which every person is entitled to their view and opinion. With democracy every opinion raised is respected and not entitled to judgment. Democracy has different meanings to different people…
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Extract of sample "Democracy"

Democracy Democracy is a form of organization or management in which every person is en d to their view and opinion.With democracy every opinion raised is respected and not entitled to judgment. Democracy has different meanings to different people. In America, democracy comes from status Vivendi where the people are more superior to the government while in Russia democracy stems from the understanding that people identify with both the government and its sovereignty. In America, democracy helps the citizens constantly analyze the reaction of the government towards its people. In Russia, democracy protects the leaders and the choices they make on behalf of the citizens (Lansford, 34). Therefore, all attention is focused to the state and not its people. The decisions made by the leaders are believed to be in the best interest of the people. Tunisia is a country in North Africa from which Habib Bourguiba was the first African president. During his time women were emancipated, a factor the makes Tunisia the most advanced nation in as far as women rights in Arab countries are concerned. However, anyone that criticized the government was put behind bars, but when his successor Ben Ali took over in 1987 the press got its freedom and political prisoners were freed. From this time, democracy in this nation protects both the leaders and the people. The citizens had the freedom to hold demonstrations when they felt that the government was incompetent and these demonstrations led to his stepping down in the year 2011. Unfortunately, these citizens do not enjoy total democracy because of the Islamic militants who took over power after Ben Ali stepped down ( In the current leadership organization in Tunisia citizens are still not entitled to democracy since opinions against the ruling administration is viewed as a crime and liable to prosecution. However, the country had democratic elections where people were able to elect the incumbent government. The president of the Latin America nation, Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was elected in 1999 after its citizens decided to put an end to dictatorial leadership. This president has distanced himself from being influenced by Washington and has made diplomatic relationships with countries like Russia and Iran. He has also openly expressed his support for leaders who are against the West. This man rules with an iron fist and does not give any opportunity to the opposition. In such a country, there is no democracy as far as people are concerned. Just like in Russia, all the attention is on the government but not its people. That is why, though the country has the world’s largest oil deposits, around sixty percent of its population is poor ( If democracy was practiced in Venezuela, opposition parties could be allowed to air the views and dissatisfaction towards the current government. India, a country in Asia, is known as the world’s largest democracy. The country has twenty eight states and a central government. The states and the central government share power equally. As a result, extremist groups have emerged causing violence in the country. However, this democracy is often threatened by the chaos like communism and caste, which continue to haunt India’s politics. For example, due to the caste system, majority of the populace living in the countryside are exceedingly poor ( In India democracy is practiced but the citizens are not satisfied with the current leadership. Democracy is the freedom given to citizens of a country, to do what they wish, at the time they want, and without fear of humiliation. People should be free to choose the leader they want and pass a vote of no confidence if they do not deliver according to expectation. The media should have the freedom to enlighten the masses on the issues going on in the country without intimidation or interference by the government. In a country like America, democracy focuses on the citizens and not the government. People enjoy the freedom of association, religion and expression. This is not the case in nations like Iran where there is no freedom of religion. Women rights are also non-existence in the country. This democracy, however, does not apply to people whose actions cause violence. According to Lansford Violence hinders democracy because, in a democratic state, the citizens should feel secure (123). Those who break the set law should be denied the freedom to be democratic. On the other hand, the government has a responsibility to protect all citizens including those in detention. For example, inmates in Kenyan jails have the freedom to be visited by their relations, freedom to acquire education and learn technical skills. Those in government should also be free to share power if they wish. For example, in Kenya the president has equal power with the prime minister. Democracy should be people centered and not just leader centered. If democracy is seen as the yardstick that measures politics, then the citizens will be neglected (Lansford, 112). Dictators will also be regarded as democratic since they give themselves freedom to make new rules and discard others as they wish. The people are the most crucial component in a country because they are more than the leaders. Finally, democracy is also a prerequisite to development. There can be no democracy without free will and no freedom without democracy. Works cited Country profiles. 2012. Web. 20 Sep. 2012 Lansford. Tom. Democracy. New York: Marshall Cavendish. 2007. Print. Read More
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